Nicolette Kostiw

8-29-2016 - Studio photos of Nicolette Kostiw, PhD, Asst. Director of CLAS (Vanderbilt University / Steve Green)

Nicolette Kostiw (email)

Nicolette is the Assistant Director of the Center for Latin American Studies, as well as the Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies. She received her Ph.D. in History from Vanderbilt in 2015 after completing both her M.A. (Spanish) and B.A. (History) at West Virginia University. Nicolette is a Brazilianist and her research examines the end of slavery in Brazil, looking specifically at the ways in which former slaves and their children navigated the country’s transition into the post-emancipation era. She is also a digital humanities advocate and continually aims to better integrate historical research and technology. Her duties at CLAS include teaching introductory LAS courses, student advising, FLAS coordination, graduate certificate management, federal grant reporting, organizing professional development workshops, and overseeing summer grants programs.