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Certificate in Latin American Studies

CLAS offers graduate students enrolled in different departments and schools at Vanderbilt the opportunity to complete a Certificate in Latin American Studies. The Certificate allows students to document their specialization in the region and proficiency in a relevant language.  The LAS Certificate also encourages graduate students to study outside of their disciplinary specialization.

Certificate requirements for A&S graduate students:
  • Complete 12 credit hours of related graduate-level coursework on Latin America, with at least 6 credit hours coming from outside the primary field of focus
  • Demonstrate conversational or reading proficiency at the intermediate-mid level in either Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian or an indigenous Latin American language
  • Participate in five extracurricular activities sponsored by CLAS and submit a reflection papers for each event
Certificate requirements for Peabody students:

A certificate in Latin American studies is awarded to MEd and PhD students in the Peabody College of Education upon completion of: 6 hours of course work related to Latin America, a project connected to Latin American issues/data, and the demonstration of language competence at the intermediate-mid level.

LAS Certificate Enrollment:

Students wishing to enroll must complete a Notification of Intent to Enroll in a Graduate Certificate Program which must be signed by the student, CLAS Director Ted Fischer, and the Director of the Graduate Program (DGS) for the degree program in which the student is enrolled.  A signed copy of the form has to be submitted to the Graduate School and to the University Registrar’s Office.

  • Download a PDF document of the LAS Graduate Certificate guidelines.
  • View the LAS Course List that counts towards a Latin American Studies certificate.
  • Questions? Contact CLAS Director Ted Fischer.

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