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Teaching Brazil: Expanding Perspectives on Colonial History

Teaching Brazil: Expanding Perspectives on Colonial History

Dates: July 7 – July 17, 2018
Locations: Salvador, Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo, Brazil

Activities included

  • city walking tours
  • visits to cultural sites across three beautiful cities of Brazil
  • a visit to Instituto Cultural Steve Biko (founded on the initiative of black teachers and students who created the first Pre-Vestibular course for blacks in Brazil– Biko seeks to influence the posture and thinking of black youth)
  • a traditional Afro-Brazilian musical performance
  • visits to museums (art, Afro-Brazilian history, writing, conservation, photography)
  • academic content, reflection, and Portuguese instruction led by Vanderbilt University Brazilianist faculty member Dr. Benjamin Legg
  • and of course, plenty of delicious Brazilian food!


The centers for Latin American Studies at Tulane University and Vanderbilt University, with support from the University of Georgia, took K-16 educators of various disciplines to Brazil. The institute approached Brazilian culture from a multidisciplinary perspective focused on colonialization. The trip included two pre-departure orientations and two weeks of overseas travel. The institute explored the cities of Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo to focus on their respective role in colonial history.

Innovative programming and annual summer teacher institutes over the past five years by the three institutes provide the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and studying the region. Taking advantage of each institution’s strength, the institute equips teachers with multidisciplinary content, curricular resources, and methods of inquiry for deploying that approach themselves in their K-12 classrooms, creating a model that is generative of innovative approaches to K-12 education more broadly.


  • Advance and disseminate knowledge of Brazil by providing opportunities from K-12 educators to experience first-hand the history, politics, language, and culture of Brazil;
  • Provide introductory Portuguese language training that emphasizes regional linguistic variations;
  • Contribute to the development of internationalizing curriculum that accurately and effectively brings Brazil into the classroom through standards-based approaches.


Thanks to a U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center grant, this program is able to provide a special opportunity for educators to participate as Curriculum Writers at a reduced program cost. There are limited spots to participate as a curriculum writer so please get your applications submitted early! Please note that curriculum writers are responsible for submitting a curriculum by August 1, 2018. See the Curriculum Writer Guidelines for more information and check below on how to apply.

Curriculum Writer program cost: $1,373 + internal airfare estimated at $300
Deadline to Register as a Curriculum Writer: MARCH 10, 2018

Regular Program Cost: $2,744 + internal airfare (approximately $300)
Deadline to Register: MARCH 15, 2018


Download and share the Brazil Institute 2018 Flyer !