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Occasional Paper Series

The Occasional Papers Series

In the early 1960s, Vanderbilt’s Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies (before it was even known as such) began providing a forum for academics to share their research and writing.  This venue, the Occasional Papers Series, gave visibility to conference papers and pre-publication works pertaining to Latin America.  With a general renewal of interest in Latin America, correlated with the growth of CLACX and its attainment of Title VI National Resource Center status, CLACX renewed the Occasional Papers Series.

If you are seeking an opportunity to vet and share your current academic work, CLACX is now accepting paper submissions for review and potential inclusion in the Occasional Papers Series.  For further information, or to make a submission, direct e-mails to

Featured Papers

Complete Archive

  1. Frederick Pike, Freedom or Reform in Latin America 1963
  2. Charles W. Anderson, Toward a Theory of Latin American Politics 1964
  3. Raymond E. Crist, Andean America: Some Aspects of Human Migration and Settlement 1964
  4. Sidney W. Mintz, Peasant Market Places and Economic Development in Latin America 1964
  5. Frederick T. Wolf, Organization of Medical Sciences in Costa Rica: Problems of an Underdeveloped Area 1965
  6. John V. D. Saunders, Social Factors in Latin American Modernization 1965
  7. Thomas E. Skidmore, Brazilian Intellectuals and the Problem of Race, 1870- 1930 1969
  8. Nita R. Manitzas, Conflict, Consensus, and the New Cuban Politics 1971
  9. Daniel Reichman, Coffee As a Global Metaphor 2008
  10. Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Democracy in Latin America: The Way Forward 2008
  11. Mateo A. Perez-Rodriguez, Lawrence Harrington, Edward F. Fischer, Mexican Investment in Tennessee: A Preliminary Study 2011
  12. César Jésus Burgos Dávila, Exresiones musicales del narcotráfico en México; Los narcocorridos en la cotidianidad de los jóvenes sinaloenses 2011
  13. Gustavo Gutiérrez with an introduction by Fernando F. Segovia,A Hermeneutic of Hope 2012
  14. Earl E. Fitz The Importance of Latin America to the Inter-American Project 2013
  15. Tyler Merceron Edward Fischer, Quentin Eichbaum, A New Model for Global Surgical Aid: The Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala City 2014
  16. Michael LaRosa with biography by Gloria Clemencia Perez, Interview with Joseph Léon Helguera: His Life and the History and Teaching of Colombia 2016