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Film Resources

Film Databases and Research Guides

University of California Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive . A great resource for full-text reviews and original source material with a searchable database.

Internet Movie Database. A searchable database for film titles, directors, and other talent with links to reviews and trivia.

British Film Institute, Researcher's Guide.

Media History Digital Library. Online access to the histories of cinema, broadcasting, and recorded sound.

Early Visual Media. Essays, images, and research guides for pre-cinematic/ proto-cinematic visual technologies and culture.

UC Berkeley Library. Film Bibliographies and Filmogrophies.Bibliographies by director, genre, individual films, and national cinemas, as well as bibliographies on cinematic representations of race, ethnicity, and gender.

Yale University Film Studies, Film Analysis Tutorial. A self-guided, well-illustrated tutorial on the basic vocabulary and methods of film studies and film techniques.

Yale University Film Studies Research Guide. Though this is keyed to the holdings at the Yale library, this guide is a great resource for finding materials related to film studies, and for staying on top of new film-related publications.

Digital History, Hollywood's America. Contains trailers for historically significant American films, primary documents related to Hollywood; chronologies of American film history, research guides, and bibliographies.

Films Online

UbuWeb: Film & Video: Offer quick online access to the work of many great avant-garde and experimental filmmakers. The quality of the films vary.

Internet Archive, Movie Archive. Watch various government and industrial documentaries, animation, home movies, and a number of ephemeral films on this online database.

Library of Congress, Edison Motion Pictures. Downloadable films made by Edison's studio drawn from the Library of Congress's Paper Print Collection. Site also offers a history of Edison's work.

The Auteurs. A for-profit cinephilic blog, discussion forum, and, most impressive, online film library with high-quality video streaming, and a "free film of the month." Subscribers get online access to a number of new releases from film festivals and newly restored prints.

Luxonline. A web resources for exploring British-based artists' film and video.

SnagFilms. A great source for contemporary documentary films.

Film Criticism and Blogs

Senses of Cinema. An online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.

Cineaste. "America's Leading Magazine on the Art and Politics of Cinema," Cineaste makes many of its critical essays, film reviews, and interviews available for free. 

Rogue. An online journal of film criticism

Jonathan Rosenbaum. Film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum has written several books and for years wrote for the Chicago Reader. He website includes his always-interesting and informative "notes" on contemporary film/media culture and history, as well as an archive of his earlier publications.

Fred Camper. Artist, writer and lecturer on film, art, and photography, Camper maintains a website onto to which he has generously posted his essays on cinema. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this page to read his work on American avant-garde film and the work of Stan Brakhage.

Documentary is Never Neutral. Eccentric, but useful, site on experimental documentary with full-text canonical essays on documentary theory and practice.

Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Professional organization for film and media scholars. This site also has a number of useful databases on film journals and other film-related organizations.

David Bordwell. Film scholar David Bordwell maintains this site with access to material from his books and essays on cinema, as well as his blog on film culture. You'll find here links to a number of other film resources, blogs, and journals.

Dave Kehr. Former film critic at the Chicago Reader and currently writing for the New York Times, Kehr maintains a blog on film culture and cinephilia.