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Jonathan Waters


Jonathan Waters is a multifaceted filmmaker/artist who has created work in a variety of different filmmaking modes, including fiction, non-fiction, and other hybrid forms, as well as using film, video, and still photography as his creative media. He has experience in the technical fields of cinematography, editing, writing, directing, and many more, with much of his personal work exploring questions of identity construction, social awareness, and issues of race, class, and ethnicity.

His principal cinematic interests lie in films that challenge and force viewers to fully engage and to become active participants compelled to ponder and reflect upon the work long after it leaves the screen. As such, Jonathan is dedicated to promoting film as a distinctive art form, and not solely as an entertainment medium, and he is committed to stimulating interest in uniquely innovative filmmaking from around the world.

Jonathan received his bachelors degree from Webster University in Saint Louis, MO and his M.F.A. degree in Filmmaking at Syracuse University, where he also taught for several years in the undergraduate Film program before joining the Film Studies program at Vanderbilt University for the Fall 2012 semester.



FILM 176- Intermediate Filmmaking: The Fiction Film - Short-Form Narrative

FILM 227W- Screenwriting

FILM 288A- Short-form Screenwriting