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Minor in Cinema & Media Arts

The Cinema & Media Arts minor consists of 15 hours and requires students to enroll in a balance of film studies and film/video production classes. To declare your minor, please see  this form.

The requirements are as follows:

The minor consists of 15 credit hours. The requirements are as follows:

 1.   1500 (Fundamentals of Film and Video Production).

2.   1600 (Introduction to Film and Media Studies).

3.   One course in intermediate filmmaking: 2250 (16mm Filmmaking); 2260 (Digital Production Workshop).

4.   One course in intermediate cinema studies: 2300 (Film and Media Theory); 2400 (History of World Cinema).

5.   One elective: 2600W (Advanced Screenwriting); 3891 (Special Topics in Film and Video Production); 3892 (Special Topics in the Study of Film); 3893 (Special Topics in National Cinemas and Movements).

16mm students