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Major in Cinema & Media Arts

The major consists of 30 hours and requires students to enroll in a balance of film studies and film/video production classes. To declare your major, please see this form.

*Effective Fall 2015, Vanderbilt University has introduced a new course catalog numbering scheme. For assistance with the translation between old (3-digit) and new (4-digit) numbers, please consult the Course Renumbering Lookup Tool.

The requirements are as follows:


1.   1500 (Fundamentals of Film and Video Production).

2.   1600 (Introduction to Film and Media Studies).

3.   2250 (16mm Filmmaking).

4.   2260 (Digital Production Workshop).

5.   2300 (Film and Media Theory).

6.   2400 (History of World Cinema).

7.   3891 (Special Topics in Film and Video Production).

8.   3892 (Special Topics in the Study of Film).

9.   Senior Seminar—4961 or 4962.

10. One elective: 2600W (Advanced Screenwriting); 3891 (Special Topics in Film and Video Production); 3892 (Special Topics in the Study of Film); 3893 (Special Topics in National Cinemas and Movements). 3891 and 3892 may be repeated for elective credit provided there is no duplication in topic.


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