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Faculty Travel

General Instructions for Domestic Travel

(for international travel, click here): 
  1. Create a personal profile by visiting the Concur webpage. If you want the administrative office to continue processing receipts and prepare your expense reports, then you should assign Angela Titus and Jennifer Cundiff as your Travel Expense Delegates when creating your profile;
  2. Complete and submit Travel Pre-Authorization Request form. This form is to be emailed to Alicia Goostree to verify availability of funds prior to committing any university funds (including research funds, chaired funds, and contract and grant funds) or incurring expenses. If you are requesting support from the College (CAS), indicate this on the Travel Pre-Authorization Request form. For CAS support for an international meeting, click here and read prior to filling out the Travel Pre-Authorization Request form. 
  3. Book all travel arrangements in the travel system, Concur, or with the travel agency, Corporate Travel Management.
  4. Create all expense reimbursement requests in Concur through the travel system and forward to the department's Travel Expense Report Approver, Alicia Goostree. If you have assigned a Travel Expense Delegate, then she will process the expenses and forward the expense report to Alicia for approval.
  5. Once the travel expenses have been approved, the report will be returned to you and you will need to do the final submit of the electronic report for payment [Note: this final submission must be done by the traveler].
Biological Sciences Department Travel Contacts:
  • Travel Pre-Authorization Request Form Approver - Alicia Goostree, (32)2-4287
  • Travel Expense Delegates - Angela Titus, (32)2-2008
  • Travel Expense Report Approver - Alicia Goostree, (32)2-4287
  • Guest Travel Coordinator - Angela Titus, (32)2-2008

University and College Policy & Procedures Documents:

Remember that, where the A&S College’s policies are more restrictive than those of the University, the A&S College policies take precedence

To learn more visit the Travel and Payment Card website or refer to the Web-based Training Modules. Please direct any questions you may have to the Travel and Payment Card team.

International Travel Considerations

Requesting CAS Funding for International Travel: The request for funding for international travel should be submitted as far in advance of the conference as possible and prior to submitting Travel Pre-Authorization Request Form. An email with the information below should be sent to the chair, who will make the request on your behalf with the Dean's Office:

  • Information about the conference, and an explanation of its importance in the discipline and beyond;
  • An estimate of the costs to the College (limited to $1,500.00); and
  • Evidence that you have been selected to present a talk.

After Dean Sloop's approval has been received, attach the documentation to the Travel Pre-Authorization Request Form.

Make sure you have a valid passport. The expiration date must be longer than 6 months from the end of visit. You should have at least two blank pages available for VISA stamps.

Learn about required VISAs or other necessary travel documents.
You may be required to obtain a VISA or other travel documents in addition to a passport. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct VISA type for the activities that you are undertaking in the host country. Give yourself at least 3 months in advance of your trip to obtain a VISA.

  • Information on entry/exit requirements for US citizens can be found on the appropriate US Department of State country information page.
  • VISA requirements may be different for citizens of countries other than the United States. Non-US citizens should review t5he host country's embassy website to identify entry and exit requirements for the host country applicable to their nationality. International faculty and staff should also check with Vanderbilt's VISIT office or ISSS office (depending on VISA type) to determine if they need to obtain any paperwork to keep their US immigration status in good standing;
  • Travelers may need a letter of invitation from the host country to get a VISA. This letter can be obtained by the person who invited you to the country, or, for conferences, check the conference website for VISA entry letter information. if you have additional questions about obtaining a VISA for travel, please contact the Vanderbilt International Office (VIO) at

Register your travel with International SOS, Vanderbilt's emergency medical and security evacuation insurer. To learn more about ISOS and to register your trip, click here.

More information can be found on the International Travel Checklist webpage.

(Update 19 Aug 2013)