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Postdoctoral Scholars


The department of Biological Sciences coordinates with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) to appoint or reappoint postdoctoral scholars and to administer postdoc services.

The Reappointment Process

About two months before a postdoc appointment ends, the Chair's assistant reminds the PI about the appointment's  ending.  The Chair's assistant sends the PI a Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) form to forward to the postdoc.  The postdoc sends the completed RCR form (see below) and updated CV to the PI and/or Chair's assistant.  The PI e-mails a reappointment request to the Chair's assistant, who enters the request in the Redcap system.  Redcap then notifies the postdoc that the Individual Development Plan (IDP) is available to complete online.

The postdoc completes the following sections of the IDP :

B - Annual Research Progress Report
C - Career Development Progress Report
D - Goals for the Upcoming Year
E - Long-term Career Goals
G - Self-Assessment of Competencies.  Note: this section is after section F - Feedback and Review, which the PI completes.

After the postdoc completes the IDP, the system will generate an access code that the postdoc gives to the PI so he or she can enter comments.

When the reappointment has been approved by the Dean's office, the postdoc will receive an electronic reappointment letter to sign.  

Immigration Issues / Salary Issues

Contact the Biological Sciences Administrative Manager, Alicia Goostree, for any immigration or salary issues.


Informational Links

Office of Biomedical Research Education and Training links:

 Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR)

Any postdoc funded by the NIH is required to receive training in responsible conduct of research (RCR).  Click here for information on NIH policy regarding training and options for completing RCR training.

BRET office classroom training - held on the Monday after Commencement
RCR form - for reappointment requests