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Postdoctoral Scholars

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Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR)

All postdoctoral scholars must complete a web based RCR course: the CITI based, RCR for Bio/Physical Sciences-VUBPS (see link below). Completion must be done within a month of the start date of employment. In addition to giving Leslie Maxwell a copy of the Course Completion Page once you are done, you should save a copy for your records as other institutions you might be affiliated with in the future may require such a course.
For yearly reappointments, postdoctoral scholars and their mentors must include, with the request for reappointment, a summary of all RCR related activities that occurred in the current appointment period. Instructions for reappointment and an RCR checklist that can be used for documenting RCR activities can be found here.    

Individual Development Plan (IDP) 

The Individual Development Plan must be completed online by the postdoctoral scholar and mentor annually at the time of the reappointment request.

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