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Wang, S, Chen, Z, Zhu, S, Lu, H, Peng, D, Soutto, M, Naz, H, Peek, R, Xu, H, Zaika, A, Xu, Z, El-Rifai, W PRDX2 protects against oxidative stress induced by H. pylori and promotes resistance to cisplatin in gastric cancer
Clifton, JC, Freundlich, RE, Sain, CR, Grant, BM, Wanderer, JP Mobility assessment tool may be an efficient method of triaging elective surgical patients
Flaherty, RA, Borges, EC, Sutton, JA, Aronoff, DM, Gaddy, JA, Petroff, MG, Manning, SD Genetically distinct Group B Streptococcus strains induce varying macrophage cytokine responses
Wang, F, Shu, X, Meszoely, I, Pal, T, Mayer, IA, Yu, Z, Zheng, W, Bailey, CE, Shu, XO Overall Mortality After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in Men vs Women
Roumie, CL, Chipman, J, Min, JY, Hackstadt, AJ, Hung, AM, Greevy, RA, Grijalva, CG, Elasy, T, Griffin, MR Association of Treatment With Metformin vs Sulfonylurea With Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events Among Patients With Diabetes and Reduced Kidney Function
Farrell, MC, Biaggioni, I, Shibao, CA Neurogenic orthostatic hypotension induced by tizanidine
Schroer, AK, Bersi, MR, Clark, CR, Zhang, Q, Sanders, LH, Hatzopoulos, AK, Force, TL, Majka, SM, Lal, H, Merryman, WD Cadherin-11 blockade reduces inflammation-driven fibrotic remodeling and improves outcomes after myocardial infarction
Liu, Y, Veach, RA, Zienkiewicz, J, Boyd, KL, Smith, TE, Xu, ZQ, Wylezinski, LS, Hawiger, J Protection from Endotoxin Shock by Selective Targeting of Proinflammatory Signaling to the Nucleus Mediated by Importin Alpha 5
Li, C, Zhu, B, Son, YM, Wang, Z, Jiang, L, Xiang, M, Ye, Z, Beckermann, KE, Wu, Y, Jenkins, JW, Siska, PJ, Vincent, BG, Prakash, YS, Peikert, T, Edelson, BT, Taneja, R, Kaplan, MH, Rathmell, JC, Dong, H, Hitosugi, T, Sun, J The Transcription Factor Bhlhe40 Programs Mitochondrial Regulation of Resident CD8 T Cell Fitness and Functionality
Muñoz, D, Uzoije, P, Reynolds, C, Miller, R, Walkley, D, Pappalardo, S, Tousey, P, Munro, H, Gonzales, H, Song, W, White, C, Blot, WJ, Wang, TJ Polypill for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in an Underserved Population