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Saumoy, M, Schneider, Y, Shen, N, Kahaleh, M, Sharaiha, RZ, Shah, SC Cost Effectiveness of Gastric Cancer Screening According to Race and Ethnicity
Oakley, F, Desouki, MM, Pemmaraju, M, Gargano, JM, Markowitz, LE, Steinau, M, Unger, ER, Zhu, Y, Fadare, O, Griffin, MR Trends in High-Grade Cervical Cancer Precursors in the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Era
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Peeri, NC, Creed, JH, Anic, GM, Thompson, RC, Olson, JJ, LaRocca, RV, Chowdhary, SA, Brockman, JD, Gerke, TA, Nabors, LB, Egan, KM Toenail selenium, genetic variation in selenoenzymes and risk and outcome in glioma
Khajehali, E, Valant, C, Jörg, M, Tobin, AB, Jeffrey Conn, P, Lindsley, CW, Sexton, PM, Scammells, PJ, Christopoulos, A Probing the binding site of novel selective positive allosteric modulators at the M mAChR
Iliyasu, Z, Galadanci, HS, Danlami, KM, Salihu, HM, Aliyu, MH Correlates of Postpartum Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use in Kano, Northern Nigeria
Singh, P, Mahmoud, R, Gold, JA, Miller, JL, Roof, E, Tamura, R, Dykens, E, Butler, MG, Driscoll, DJ, Kimonis, V Multicentre study of maternal and neonatal outcomes in individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome
Ryskin, R, Qi, Z, Covington, NV, Duff, M, Brown-Schmidt, S Knowledge and learning of verb biases in amnesia
Shultes, KC, Shuster, JE, Micek, S, Vader, JM, Balsara, K, Itoh, A, Tellor, BR Outcomes and Predictors of Early Infection after Heart Transplantation
Rudolfson, N, Dewan, MC, Park, KB, Shrime, MG, Meara, JG, Alkire, BC The economic consequences of neurosurgical disease in low- and middle-income countries
Alexander, MR, Norlander, AE, Elijovich, F, Atreya, RV, Gaye, A, Gnecco, JS, Laffer, CL, Galindo, CL, Madhur, MS Human Monocyte Transciptional Profiling Identifies Interleukin 18 Receptor Accessory Protein and Lactoferrin as Novel Immune Targets in Hypertension
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Rogers, M, Sobolik, T, Schaffer, DK, Samson, PC, Johnson, AC, Owens, P, Codreanu, SG, Sherrod, SD, McLean, JA, Wikswo, JP, Richmond, A Engineered microfluidic bioreactor for examining the three-dimensional breast tumor microenvironment
Rungratsameetaweemana, N, Itthipuripat, S, Salazar, A, Serences, JT Expectations do not alter early sensory processing during perceptual decision making