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Ashley, RE, Dittmore, A, McPherson, SA, Turnbough, CL, Neuman, KC, Osheroff, N Activities of gyrase and topoisomerase IV on positively supercoiled DNA
Schlaberg, R, Ampofo, K, Tardif, KD, Stockmann, C, Simmon, KE, Hymas, W, Flygare, S, Kennedy, B, Blaschke, A, Eilbeck, K, Yandell, M, McCullers, JA, Williams, DJ, Edwards, K, Arnold, SR, Bramley, A, Jain, S, Pavia, AT Human Bocavirus Capsid Messenger RNA Detection in Children With Pneumonia
Harrigan, RL, Smith, AK, Lyttle, B, Box, B, Landman, BA, Bagnato, F, Pawate, S, Smith, SA Quantitative characterization of optic nerve atrophy in patients with multiple sclerosis
Sanders, AAWM, Chang, K, Zhu, X, Thoppil, RJ, Holmes, WR, Kaverina, I Non-random γ-TuNA-dependent spatial pattern of microtubule nucleation at the Golgi
Li, SS, Kochar, NK, Elizaga, M, Hay, CM, Wilson, GJ, Cohen, KW, De Rosa, SC, Xu, R, Ota-Setlik, A, Morris, D, Finak, G, Allen, M, Tieu, HV, Frank, I, Sobieszczyk, ME, Hannaman, D, Gottardo, R, Gilbert, PB, Tomaras, GD, Corey, L, Clarke, DK, Egan, MA, Eldridge, JH, McElrath, MJ, Frahm, N, , DNA priming increases frequency of T-cell responses to a VSV HIV vaccine with specific enhancement of CD8(+) T-cell responses by IL-12 pDNA
Sui, L, Danzl, N, Campbell, SR, Viola, R, Williams, D, Xing, Y, Wang, Y, Phillips, N, Poffenberger, G, Johannesson, B, Oberholzer, J, Powers, AC, Leibel, RL, Chen, X, Sykes, M, Egli, D Beta Cell Replacement in Mice Using Human Type 1 Diabetes Nuclear Transfer Embryonic Stem Cells
Mollan, KR, Tierney, C, Hellwege, JN, Eron, JJ, Hudgens, MG, Gulick, RM, Haubrich, R, Sax, PE, Campbell, TB, Daar, ES, Robertson, KR, Ventura, D, Ma, Q, Edwards, DRV, Haas, DW, , Race/Ethnicity and the Pharmacogenetics of Reported Suicidality With Efavirenz Among Clinical Trials Participants
Arbra, CA, Vogel, AM, Zhang, J, Mauldin, PD, Huang, EY, Savoie, KB, Santore, MT, Tsao, K, Ostovar-Kermani, TG, Falcone, RA, Dassinger, MS, Recicar, J, Haynes, JH, Blakely, ML, Russell, RT, Naik-Mathuria, BJ, St Peter, SD, Mooney, DP, Onwubiko, C, Upperman, JS, Streck, CJ Acute procedural interventions after pediatric blunt abdominal trauma: A prospective multicenter evaluation
Conrad, C, Vauthey, JN, Masayuki, O, Sheth, RA, Yamashita, S, Passot, G, Bailey, CE, Zorzi, D, Kopetz, S, Aloia, TA, You, YN Individualized Treatment Sequencing Selection Contributes to Optimized Survival in Patients with Rectal Cancer and Synchronous Liver Metastases
Dang, LC, Samanez-Larkin, GR, Castrellon, JJ, Perkins, SF, Cowan, RL, Newhouse, PA, Zald, DH Spontaneous Eye Blink Rate (EBR) Is Uncorrelated with Dopamine D2 Receptor Availability and Unmodulated by Dopamine Agonism in Healthy Adults
Howard, LM, Fan, R, Zhu, Y, Griffin, MR, Edwards, KM, Hartinger, S, Williams, JV, Vidal, JE, Klugman, KP, Gil, AI, Lanata, CF, Grijalva, CG Nasopharyngeal Pneumococcal Density Is Associated With Viral Activity but Not With Use of Improved Stoves Among Young Andean Children
Dushyanthen, S, Teo, ZL, Caramia, F, Savas, P, Mintoff, CP, Virassamy, B, Henderson, MA, Luen, SJ, Mansour, M, Kershaw, MH, Trapani, JA, Neeson, PJ, Salgado, R, McArthur, GA, Balko, JM, Beavis, PA, Darcy, PK, Loi, S Agonist immunotherapy restores T cell function following MEK inhibition improving efficacy in breast cancer
Larsen, HL, Martín-Coll, L, Nielsen, AV, Wright, CVE, Trusina, A, Kim, YH, Grapin-Botton, A Stochastic priming and spatial cues orchestrate heterogeneous clonal contribution to mouse pancreas organogenesis
Vierra, NC, Dadi, PK, Milian, SC, Dickerson, MT, Jordan, KL, Gilon, P, Jacobson, DA TALK-1 channels control β cell endoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+) homeostasis