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Castells, M, Khan, DA, Phillips, EJ Penicillin Allergy
, , Ginde, AA, Brower, RG, Caterino, JM, Finck, L, Banner-Goodspeed, VM, Grissom, CK, Hayden, D, Hough, CL, Hyzy, RC, Khan, A, Levitt, JE, Park, PK, Ringwood, N, Rivers, EP, Self, WH, Shapiro, NI, Thompson, BT, Yealy, DM, Talmor, D Early High-Dose Vitamin D for Critically Ill, Vitamin D-Deficient Patients
Murthy, RK, Loi, S, Okines, A, Paplomata, E, Hamilton, E, Hurvitz, SA, Lin, NU, Borges, V, Abramson, V, Anders, C, Bedard, PL, Oliveira, M, Jakobsen, E, Bachelot, T, Shachar, SS, Müller, V, Braga, S, Duhoux, FP, Greil, R, Cameron, D, Carey, LA, Curigliano, G, Gelmon, K, Hortobagyi, G, Krop, I, Loibl, S, Pegram, M, Slamon, D, Palanca-Wessels, MC, Walker, L, Feng, W, Winer, EP Tucatinib, Trastuzumab, and Capecitabine for HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer
Kruser, JM, Aaby, DA, Stevenson, DG, Pun, BT, Balas, MC, Barnes-Daly, MA, Harmon, L, Ely, EW Assessment of Variability in End-of-Life Care Delivery in Intensive Care Units in the United States
Bermudez Noguera, C, Bao, S, Petersen, KJ, Lopez, AM, Reid, J, Plassard, AJ, Zald, DH, Claassen, DO, Dawant, BM, Landman, BA Using deep learning for a diffusion-based segmentation of the dentate nucleus and its benefits over atlas-based methods
Merkley, R, Conrad, B, Price, G, Ansari, D Investigating the visual number form area: a replication study
Knowles, SL, Vu, N, Todd, DA, Raja, HA, Rokas, A, Zhang, Q, Oberlies, NH Orthogonal Method for Double-Bond Placement via Ozone-Induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry (OzID-MS)
Kyker-Snowman, K, Hughes, RM, Yankaskas, CL, Cravero, K, Karthikeyan, S, Button, B, Waters, I, Rosen, DM, Dennison, L, Hunter, N, Donaldson, J, Christenson, ES, Konstantopoulos, K, Hurley, PJ, Croessmann, S, Park, BH TrkA overexpression in non-tumorigenic human breast cell lines confers oncogenic and metastatic properties
Doran, AC, Yurdagul, A, Tabas, I Efferocytosis in health and disease
Dieterich, A, Srivastava, P, Sharif, A, Stech, K, Floeder, J, Yohn, SE, Samuels, BA Chronic corticosterone administration induces negative valence and impairs positive valence behaviors in mice
Bordeleau, F, Wang, W, Simmons, A, Antonyak, MA, Cerione, RA, Reinhart-King, CA Tissue transglutaminase regulates tumor cell tensional homeostasis by increasing contractility
Shibao, CA, Garland, EM, Black, BK, Mathias, CJ, Grant, MB, Root, AW, Robertson, D, Biaggioni, I Congenital absence of norepinephrine due to mutations
Lehmann, BD, Abramson, VG, Sanders, M, Mayer, EL, Haddad, T, Nanda, R, Van Poznak, C, Storniolo, AM, Nangia, JR, Gonzalez-Ericsson, PI, Sanchez, V, Johnson, KN, Abramson, RG, Chen, SC, Shyr, Y, Arteaga, CL, Wolff, AC, Pietenpol, JA TBCRC 032 IB/II Multicenter Study: Molecular insights to AR antagonist and PI3K inhibitor efficacy in patients with AR+ metastatic triple-negative breast cancer
Dong, DH, Zhang, XF, Lopez-Aguiar, AG, Poultsides, G, Makris, E, Rocha, F, Kanji, Z, Weber, S, Fisher, A, Fields, R, Krasnick, BA, Idrees, K, Smith, PM, Cho, C, Beems, M, Schmidt, CR, Dillhoff, M, Maithel, SK, Pawlik, TM Tumor burden score predicts tumor recurrence of non-functional pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors after curative resection
Erlandson, KM, Bradford, Y, Samuels, DC, Brown, T, Sun, J, Wu, K, Tassiopoulos, K, Ritchie, MD, Haas, D, Hulgan, T Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups and Frailty in Adults Living with HIV