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Tomycz, LD, Hale, AT, Haider, AS, Clarke, DF, Lee, MR Invasive Insular Sampling in Pediatric Epilepsy: A Single-Institution Experience
Gendrin, C, Vornhagen, J, Armistead, B, Singh, P, Whidbey, C, Merillat, S, Knupp, D, Parker, R, Rogers, LM, Quach, P, Iyer, LM, Aravind, L, Manning, SD, Aronoff, DM, Rajagopal, L A non-hemolytic Group B Streptococcus strain exhibits hypervirulence
Dewan, MC, Shults, R, Hale, AT, Sukul, V, Englot, DJ, Konrad, P, Yu, H, Neimat, JS, Rodriguez, W, Dawant, BM, Pallavaram, S, Naftel, RP Stereotactic EEG via multiple single-path omnidirectional trajectories within a single platform: institutional experience with a novel technique
Kulkarni, AV, Riva-Cambrin, J, Rozzelle, CJ, Naftel, RP, Alvey, JS, Reeder, RW, Holubkov, R, Browd, SR, Cochrane, DD, Limbrick, DD, Simon, TD, Tamber, M, Wellons, JC, Whitehead, WE, Kestle, JRW Endoscopic third ventriculostomy and choroid plexus cauterization in infant hydrocephalus: a prospective study by the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network
Carranza-Leon, D, Octaria, R, Ormseth, MJ, Oeser, A, Solus, JF, Zhang, Y, Okafor, CR, Titze, J, Michael Stein, C, Chung, CP Association between urinary sodium and potassium excretion and blood pressure and inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Kjøbsted, R, Hingst, JR, Fentz, J, Foretz, M, Sanz, MN, Pehmøller, C, Shum, M, Marette, A, Mounier, R, Treebak, JT, Wojtaszewski, JFP, Viollet, B, Lantier, L AMPK in skeletal muscle function and metabolism
Cameron, DB, Williams, R, Geng, Y, Gosain, A, Arnold, MA, Guner, YS, Blakely, ML, Downard, CD, Goldin, AB, Grabowski, J, Lal, DR, Dasgupta, R, Baird, R, Gates, RL, Shelton, J, Jancelewicz, T, Rangel, SJ, Austin, MT Time to appendectomy for acute appendicitis: A systematic review
Lausecker, F, Tian, X, Inoue, K, Wang, Z, Pedigo, CE, Hassan, H, Liu, C, Zimmer, M, Jinno, S, Huckle, AL, Hamidi, H, Ross, RS, Zent, R, Ballestrem, C, Lennon, R, Ishibe, S Vinculin is required to maintain glomerular barrier integrity
Hiwatashi, N, Kraja, I, Benedict, PA, Dion, GR, Bing, R, Rousseau, B, Amin, MR, Nalband, DM, Kirshenbaum, K, Branski, RC Nanoparticle delivery of RNA-based therapeutics to alter the vocal fold tissue response to injury
Theofylaktopoulou, D, Midttun, Ø, Ueland, PM, Meyer, K, Fanidi, A, Zheng, W, Shu, XO, Xiang, YB, Prentice, R, Pettinger, M, Thomson, CA, Giles, GG, Hodge, A, Cai, Q, Blot, WJ, Wu, J, Johansson, M, Hultdin, J, Grankvist, K, Stevens, VL, McCullough, MM, Weinstein, SJ, Albanes, D, Ziegler, R, Freedman, ND, Langhammer, A, Hveem, K, Naess, M, Sesso, HD, Gaziano, JM, Buring, JE, Lee, IM, Severi, G, Zhang, X, Stampfer, MJ, Han, J, Smith-Warner, SA, Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, A, le Marchand, L, Yuan, JM, Wang, R, Butler, LM, Koh, WP, Gao, YT, Rothman, N, Ericson, U, Sonestedt, E, Visvanathan, K, Jones, MR, Relton, C, Brennan, P, Johansson, M, Ulvik, A Impaired functional vitamin B6 status is associated with increased risk of lung cancer
Chan, E, Chiorean, EG, O'Dwyer, PJ, Gabrail, NY, Alcindor, T, Potvin, D, Chao, R, Hurwitz, H Phase I/II study of mocetinostat in combination with gemcitabine for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer and other advanced solid tumors