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Chang Y. Chung , Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

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Wang, D, Dasari, S, Chambers, MC, Holman, JD, Chen, K, Liebler, DC, Orton, DJ, Purvine, SO, Monroe, ME, Chung, CY, Rose, KL, Tabb, DL Basophile: accurate fragment charge state prediction improves peptide identification rates
Lee, SH, Schneider, C, Higdon, AN, Darley-Usmar, VM, Chung, CY Role of iPLA(2) in the regulation of Src trafficking and microglia chemotaxis
Gruver, JS, Potdar, AA, Jeon, J, Sai, J, Anderson, B, Webb, D, Richmond, A, Quaranta, V, Cummings, PT, Chung, CY Bimodal analysis reveals a general scaling law governing nondirected and chemotactic cell motility
Walker, GM, Sai, J, Richmond, A, Stremler, M, Chung, CY, Wikswo, JP Effects of flow and diffusion on chemotaxis studies in a microfabricated gradient generator