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Castrellon, JJ, Seaman, KL, Crawford, JL, Young, JS, Smith, CT, Dang, LC, Hsu, M, Cowan, RL, Zald, DH, Samanez-Larkin, GR Individual differences in dopamine are associated with reward discounting in clinical groups but not in healthy adults
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Rusconi Trigueros, R, Hopkins, CR, Denton, JS, Piermarini, PM Pharmacological Inhibition of Inward Rectifier Potassium Channels Induces Lethality in Larval
Pfaff, E, Lee, A, Bradford, R, Pae, J, Potter, C, Blue, P, Knoepp, P, Thompson, K, Roumie, CL, Crenshaw, D, Servis, R, DeWalt, DA Recruiting for a pragmatic trial using the electronic health record and patient portal: successes and lessons learned
Jayawardena, A, Lowery, AS, Wootten, C, Dion, GR, Summitt, JB, McGrane, S, Gelbard, A Early Surgical Management of Thermal Airway Injury: A case series
Kolanjiyil, AV, Kleinstreuer, C, Kleinstreuer, NC, Pham, W, Sadikot, RT Mice-to-men comparison of inhaled drug-aerosol deposition and clearance
Rosen, EM, van 't Erve, TJ, Boss, J, Sathyanarayana, S, Barrett, ES, Nguyen, RHN, Bush, NR, Milne, GL, McElrath, TF, Swan, SH, Ferguson, KK Urinary oxidative stress biomarkers and accelerated time to spontaneous delivery
Dieseldorff Jones, KM, Koh, Y, Weller, RS, Turna, RS, Ahmad, F, Huke, S, Knollmann, BC, Pinto, JR, Hwang, HS Pathogenic troponin T mutants with opposing effects on myofilament Ca sensitivity attenuate cardiomyopathy phenotypes in mice
Albaugh, VL, Banan, B, Antoun, J, Xiong, Y, Guo, Y, Ping, J, Alikhan, M, Clements, BA, Abumrad, NN, Flynn, CR Role of Bile Acids and GLP-1 in Mediating the Metabolic Improvements of Bariatric Surgery
Nassiri, AM, Yawn, RJ, Dedmon, MM, O'Connell, BP, Holder, JT, Haynes, DS, Rivas, A Facial Nerve Stimulation Patterns Associated With Cochlear Implantation in Labyrinthitis Ossificans
Casino, P, Gozalbo-Rovira, R, Rodríguez-Díaz, J, Banerjee, S, Boutaud, A, Rubio, V, Hudson, BG, Saus, J, Cervera, J, Marina, A Structures of collagen IV globular domains: insight into associated pathologies, folding and network assembly
Botkin, JR, Appelbaum, PS, Bakken, S, Brown, C, Burke, W, Fabsitz, R, Gamble, VN, Gonsalves, G, Kost, R, Leonard, DGB, McGuire, A, Nichols, JH, Patrick-Lake, B, Wilkins, CH, Zikmund-Fisher, BJ Standardizing return of participant results
Streiff, MB, Holmstrom, B, Angelini, D, Ashrani, A, Bockenstedt, PL, Chesney, C, Fanikos, J, Fenninger, RB, Fogerty, AE, Gao, S, Goldhaber, SZ, Gundabolu, K, Hendrie, P, Lee, AI, Lee, JT, Mann, J, McMahon, B, Millenson, MM, Morton, C, Ortel, TL, Ozair, S, Paschal, R, Shattil, S, Siddiqi, T, Smock, KJ, Soff, G, Wang, TF, Williams, E, Zakarija, A, Hammond, L, Dwyer, MA, Engh, AM NCCN Guidelines Insights: Cancer-Associated Venous Thromboembolic Disease, Version 2.2018