Journal Club – Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

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Date Title Speaker
September 4, 2019 “Deriving the stellar labels of LAMOST spectra with Stellar LAbel Machine (SLAM)” by Bo Zhang, Chao Liu, and Li-Cai Deng (2019) [1908.08677] Brianna Galgano
September 11, 2019 Jessie Runnoe
September 18, 2019 “Millisecond Pulsar Companions in Large Optical Surveys” by Natasha McMann et al. in prep (2019) Natasha McMann
September 25, 2019 “A stellar census in globular clusters with MUSE: Binaries in NGC 3201” by Benjamin Giesers, Sebastian Kamann et al. (2019) [1909.04050] Karl Jaehnig
October 2, 2019 “Machine-assisted Semi-Simulation Model (MSSM): Estimating Galactic Baryonic Properties from their Dark Matter using a Machine Trained on Hydrodynamic Simulations” by Yongseok Jo and Ji-hoon Kim (2019) [1908.09844] Gillian Beltz-Mohrmann
October 9, 2019 “Pulsar Timing Arrays: The Next Window Onto The Warped Universe” Stephen Taylor
October 16, 2019 The NASA Exoplanet Archive and Public Microlensing Datasets Calen Henderson – Visitor
October 23, 2019 RIFT’ing the Waves: An algorithm to perform Rapid parameter inference on gravitational wave sources via Iterative FiTing Jacob Lange – Visitor
October 30, 2019 “Constraining the scatter in the galaxy-halo connection at Milky Way masses” by Jun-zhi Cao, Jeremy L. Tinker, Yao-Yuan Mao, Risa H. Wechsler (2019) [1910.03605] Mehnaaz Asad
November 6, 2019 “Deep learning predictions of galaxy merger stage and the importance of observational realism” by Connor Bottrell et al. (2019) [1910.07031] Abigail Petulante
November 13, 2019 “A Super-Earth and two sub-Neptunes transiting the bright, nearby, and quiet M-dwarf TOI-270” by Maximillain N. Gunther et al. (2019) [1903.06107] Dax Feliz
November 20, 2019 “A Hard (X-Ray) look at the South West Region of Supernova Remnant RCW-86” by Jorge Padial et al. in prep Jorge Padial
November 27, 2019 Thanksgiving Break – No AJC
December 4, 2019 “Rotationally Driven Ultraviolet Emission of Red Giant Stars” by Don Dixon et al. submitted to the Astronomical Journal Don Dixon
January 8, 2020 Joni Cunningham
January 15, 2020 “Contributing to a safe-working environment through an LGBTQI+ SpeakOut Panel” LGBTQI+ SpeakOut Panel
January 22, 2020 “PopSyCLE: A New Population Synthesis Code for Compact Object Microlensing Events” by Casey Y. Lam, Jessica R. Lu, Matthew W. Hosek, Jr., William A. Dawson, and Nathan R. Golovich (2019) [1912.04510] Savannah Jacklin
January 29, 2020 “Stellar-to-Halo mass relation: galaxy quenching vs. morphological transformations” by Antonio J. Porras-Valverde et al. in prep (2020) Antonio Porras-Valverde
February 5, 2020 “Machine learning applied to simulations of collisions between rotating, differentiated planets” by Miles Timpe et al. (2020) [2001.09542] Nicholas Chason
February 12, 2020 “The evolution of dust in discs influenced by external photoevaporation” by Andrew D. Sellek, Richard A. Booth, and Cathie J. Clarke. (2020) [1912.06154] George Vejar
February 19, 2020 “Heart of Darkness: the influence of galactic dynamics on quenching star formation in galaxy spheroids” by Jindra Gensior et al. (2020) [2002.01484] Christina Davis
February 26, 2020 “Electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave events from Gaia” by Z. Kostrzewa-Rutkowska et al. (2020) [2002.04853] Krystal Ruiz-Rocha
March 4, 2020 Spring Break – No AJC
March 11, 2020 Corona virus – No AJC
March 18, 2020 Corona virus – No AJC
March 24, 2020 “The halo model as a versatile tool to predict intrinsic alignments” by Fortuna et al. (2020) [2003.02700] KeShawn Ivory
March 25, 2020 “Extensions to the halo occupation distribution model for more accurate clustering predictions” by Jimenez et al. (2019) [1906.04298] Bill Smith
April 1, 2020 “Combining FOF and halo-based algorithms for the identification of galaxy groups” by Rodriguez et al. (2020) [2003.09442] Adam Szewciw
April 8, 2020 “The stellar variability noise floor for transiting exoplanet photometry with PLATO” by Morris et al. (2020) [2002.08072] Stefan Laos
April 15, 2020 No AJC
April 22, 2020 “How runaway stars boost galactic outflows” by Andersson et al. (2020) [2003.12297] Murti Nauth

Talks from special visitors are highlighted in red.  Talks at non-standard times or locations are highlighted in blue.

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