Journal Club – Fall 2018

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Date Title Speaker
29 August, 2018 “Hadronic Models of the Fermi Bubbles: Future Perspectives” by Razzaque et al. (2018) [1802.05636] Rose Perea
4 September, 2018 “Using the UKIRT Microlensing Survey as a Pathfinder for WFIRST” by Savannah Jacklin (Own Research) Savannah Jacklin
19 September, 2018 “Extending Common Envelope Simulations from Roche Lobe Overflow to the Nebular Phase” by Reichardt et al. (2018) [1809.02297] Karl Jaehnig
25 September, 2018 “Eclipsing binaries in the open cluster Ruprecht 147. I: EPIC 219394517” by Torres et al. (2018) [1808.07482] Joni Cunningham
26 September, 2018 “On the origin of gas-poor galaxies in galaxy clusters using cosmological hydrodynamic simulations” by Jung et al. (2018) [1809.01684] Mehnaaz Asad
3 October, 2018 “Tidally induced bars in Illustris galaxies” by Peschken et al. (2018) [1804.06241] Christina Davis
10 October, 2018 “Connecting and dissecting galaxies’ angular momenta and neutral gas in a hierarchical universe: cue DARK SAGE” by Stevens, et al. (2018) [1806.07402] Antonio Porras
23 October, 2018 “The Direct Detection and Characterization of M-dwarf Planets Using Light Echoes” by Sparks, et al. (2018) [1801.01144] Dax Feliz
24 October, 2018 “The observational signatures of supermassive black hole seeds” by Ricarte, et al. (2018) [1809.01177] Glenna Dunn
31 October, 2018 “The Evolution of Assembly Bias” by Contreras et al. (2018) [1808.02896] Nicholas Chason
6 November, 2018 “Maturing Satellite Kinematics into a Competitive Probe of the Galaxy-Halo Connection” by Lange et al. (2018) [1810.10511] Gillian Beltz-Mohrmann
7 November, 2018 “Multiplicity and clustering in Taurus star forming region. II. From ultra-wide pairs to dense NESTs” by Joncour et al. (2018) [1809.02380] Stefan Laos
13 November, 2018 “Updated Results on the Galaxy-Halo Connection from Satellite Kinematics in SDSS” by Lange et al. (2018) [1811.03596] Victor Calderon
14 November, 2018 “Confirmation of the link between central star binarity and extreme abundance discrepancy factors in planetary nebulae” by Wesson et al. (2018) [1807.09272] George Vejar
21 November, 2018 Thanksgiving Break – No AJC
27 November, 2018 “The Astrophysics of Nanohertz Gravitational Waves” by Burke-Spolaor et al. (2018) [1811.08826] Natasha McMann
28 November, 2018 “Tidal stripping and post-merger relaxation of dark matter haloes: causes and consequences of mass-loss” by Lee et al. (2018) [1711.10620] Abigail Petulante
5 December, 2018 “The Spur and the Gap in GD-1: Dynamical evidence for a dark substructure in the Milky Way halo” by Bonaca et al. (2018) [1811.03631] Adam Szewciw

Talks from special visitors are highlighted in red.  Talks at non-standard times or locations are highlighted in blue.

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