Journal Club – Spring 2018

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Date Title Speaker
10 January, 2018 “Modeling the Impact of Baryons on Subhalo Populations with Machine Learning” by Nadler et al. (2017) [1712.04467] Abigail Petulante
23 January, 2018 “Group quenching and galactic conformity at low redshift” by Treyer et al. (2017) [1712.05318] Victor Calderon
24 January, 2018 “OGLE-2016-BLG-1045: A Test of Cheap Space-Based Microlens Parallaxes” by Shin et al. (2018) [1801.00169] Savannah Jacklin
31 January, 2018 “The NANOGrav 11-year Data Set: Pulsar-timing Constraints On The Stochastic Gravitational-wave Background” by Arzoumanian et al. (2018) [1801.02617] Natasha McMann
7 February, 2018 “The fate of close encounters between binary stars and binary supermassive black holes” by Wang et al. (2018) [1710.10671] Karl Jaehnig
14 February, 2018 “Dark Matter Substructure in Numerical Simulations: A Tale of Discreteness Noise, Runaway Instabilities, and Artificial Disruption” by van den Bosch et al. (2018) [1801.05427] Gillian Beltz-Mohrmann
21 February, 2018 “Pushing back the limits: detailed properties of dwarf galaxies in a LCDM universe” by Revaz et al. (2018) [1801.06222] Mehnaaz Asad
28 February, 2018 “The OGLE Collection of Variable Stars. Classical, Type II, and Anomalous Cepheids toward the Galactic Center” by Soszyński et al. (2017) [1712.01307] Laura Vega
7 March, 2018 Spring Break
14 March, 2018 No AJC
21 March, 2018 “Integrating human and machine intelligence in galaxy morphology classification tasks” by Beck et al. (2018) [1802.08713] Antonio Porras
28 March, 2018 “Constructing a Flexible Likelihood Function for Spectroscopic Inference” by
Czekala et al. (2015) [1412.5177]
Stefan Laos
4 April, 2018 “Sowing black hole seeds: Direct collapse black hole formation with realistic Lyman-Werner radiation in cosmological simulations” by Dunn et al. (2018) [1803.01007] Glenna Dunn
10 April, 2018 “Expansion patterns and parallaxes for planetary nebulae” by Schönberner et al. (2018) [] George Vejar
11 April, 2018 “Chaos and Variance in Galaxy Formation” by Keller et al. (2018) [1803.05445] Adam Szewciw
17 April, 2018 “Compact spectral multiplexing VPHGs using stacked photopolymeric layers” by Zanutta et al. (2018) Rose Perea
18 April, 2018 “The multidimensional dependence of halo bias in the eye of a machine: a tale of halo structure, assembly and environment” by Han et al. (2018) [1802.09177] Nicholas Chason
24 April, 2018 Cancelled
25 April, 2018 “A Binary Offset Effect in CCD Readout and Its Impact on Astronomical Data” by Boone et al. (2018) [1802.06914] John Hood

Talks from special visitors are highlighted in red.  Talks at non-standard times or locations are highlighted in blue.

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