Journal Club – Spring 2017

Date Title Speaker
January 18, 2017 “Quenching vs. Quiescence: forming realistic massive ellipticals with a simple starvation model” by Gutcke et al. (2017) Victor Calderon
January 25, 2017 “ZOMG II: Does the halo assembly history influence central galaxies and gas accretion?” by Romano-Diaz et al. (2017) Christina Davis
February 1, 2017 Cancelled – Moved to April 26th, 2017 Laura Vega
February 8, 2017 “Star Cluster Formation in a Turbulent Molecular Cloud Self-Regulated by Photo-Ionisation Feedback” by Gavagnin et al. (2017) Karl Jaehnig
February 15, 2017 “A tale of clusters: No resolvable periodicity in the terrestrial impact cratering record” by Meier et al. (2017) Mike Lund
February 22, 2017 “How to Reconcile the Observed Velocity Function of Galaxies with Theory” by Brooks et al. (2017) Adam Szewciw
March 1, 2017 “The 2016 Super Pressure Balloon flight of the Compton Spectrometer and Imager” by Kierans, et al. (2017) Rose Perea
March 8, 2017 No AJC – Spring Break
March 15, 2017 “Cosmic evolution of stellar quenching by AGN feedback: clues from the Horizon-AGN simulation” by Beckmann et al. (2017) Abbie Petulante
March 22, 2017 “The Galaxy-Halo Connection Over The Last 13.3 Gyrs” by Rodriguez-Puebla et al. (2017) Nick Chason
March 29, 2017 “The Mass, Color, and Structural Evolution of Today’s Massive Galaxies Since z ∼ 5” by Hill et al. (2017) Mehnaaz Asad
April 5, 2017 “Galactic conformity measured in semi-analytic models” by Lacerna et al. (2017) Gillian Beltz-Mohrmann
April 12, 2017 “Transiting Planets with LSST. III. Detection Rate per Year of Operation” by Jacklin et al. (2017) Savannah jacklin
April 19, 2017 “The catastrophic effect of mergers on the angular momentum and morphology of galaxies in EAGLE” by Lagos et al. (2017) Antonio Porras
April 26, 2017 “First observations of W Virginis stars with K2: detection of period doubling” by Plachy et al. (2017) Laura Vega
May 3, 2017 “How AGN and SN Feedback Affect Mass Transport and Black Hole Growth in High-redshift Galaxies” by Prieto et al. (2017) Glenna Dunn

Talks from special visitors are highlighted in red.  Talks at non-standard times or locations are highlighted in blue.

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