Journal Club – Fall 2014

Date Title Speaker
August 27, 2014 AJC Orientation Trey Mack
September 3, 2014 “Terrestrial Planet Formation in the Presence of Migrating Super-Earths” Izidoro et al. 2014 Trey Mack
September 10, 2014 “The Laniakea supercluster of galaxies” Tully et al. 2014 Qingqing Mao
September 17, 2014 “Bar Formation from Galaxy Flybys” Meagan Lang
September 24, 2014 “The Spatial Distribution of Satellite Galaxies Within Halos: Measuring the Very Small Scale Angular Clustering of SDSS Galaxies” Jen Piscionere
October 1, 2014 “The Temperature and Polarization Power Spectra of the Cosmic Microwave Background as a Test of Cosmological Models Well Beyond Lambda-CDM” Mahmoud Parvizi
October 8, 2014 “Pulsars Cannot Account for the Inner Galaxy’s GeV Excess” Hooper et al. 2013 Gabriella Alvarez
October 15, 2014 “Herschel Planetary Nebula Survey (HerPlaNS). First detection of OH+ in planetary nebulae” Aleman, I. et al. Rose Perea
October 22, 2014 Mike Lund
October 29, 2014 “Classification of Stellar Orbits in Axisymmetric Galaxies” Baile Li
November 5, 2014 “Modeling Eclipsing Stellar Systems in the Kepler Era” Kyle Conroy
November 12, 2014 “High-resolution Observations of the Shock Wave Behavior for Sunspot Oscillations with the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph” Teresa Monsue
November 19, 2014 “The life and death of cosmic voids” Victor Calderon
November 26, 2014 Thanksgiving Break
December 3, 2014 “Lunar detection of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos” Matthew Richardson
December 10, 2014 “TriAnd and its siblings: satellites of satellites in the Milky Way halo” Lauren Campbell

Talks from special visitors are highlighted in red.  Talks at non-standard times or locations are highlighted in blue.

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