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Asian Languages at Vanderbilt

The Asian Studies Program offers a full curriculum of language training in Mandarin Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, and Korean with courses ranging from the most basic levels to advanced study of language through special topics in literature, media, and business. 

Students also have the opportunity to study Tibetan as part of a unique partnership between Vanderbilt, Duke University, and the University of Virginia.  These courses are offered via videoconference / telepresence classrooms.


CHIN 1011. Basic Chinese (CC) 
CHIN 1012. Basic Chinese (CC)
CHIN 1101. Elementary Chinese I (CC)
CHIN 1102. Elementary Chinese II (CC)
CHIN 1231. Calligraphy (CC, HU)  
CHIN 2201. Intermediate Chinese I (CC)  
CHIN 2202. Intermediate Chinese II (CC)
CHIN 2211. Chinese for Heritage Learners I (CC)  
CHIN 2212. Chinese for Heritage Learners II (CC)
CHIN 3301. Advanced Chinese I (CC)  
CHIN 3302. Advanced Chinese II (CC)
CHIN 3302W. Advanced Chinese II (CC)  
CHIN 3851. Independent Study (CC)*
CHIN 3852. Independent Study (CC)*
CHIN 4401. Business Chinese I (CC)  
CHIN 4402. Business Chinese II (CC)  
CHIN 4403. Readings in Modern Chinese Media (CC)
CHIN 4404. Readings in Modern Chinese Media (CC)
CHIN 4405. Classical Chinese Literature and Philosophy. (CC, HU) 
CHIN 4406. Readings in Modern Literary Chinese (CC, HU)


HNUR 1101. Elementary Hindi-Urdu I (SA)
HNUR 1102. Elementary Hindi-Urdu II 
HNUR 2201. Intermediate Hindi-Urdu I 
HNUR 2202. Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II 
HNUR 3301. Advanced Hindi-Urdu I 

HNUR 3302. Advanced Hindi-Urdu II (SA)
HNUR 3851. Independent Study (SA)*
HNUR 3852. Independent Study (SA)*


JAPN 1011. Basic Japanese I (JC)
JAPN 1012. Basic Japanese II (JC)
JAPN 1101. Elementary Japanese I (JC)
JAPN 1102. Elementary Japanese II (JC)
JAPN 1231. Extensive Reading in Japanese (JC)
JAPN 2201. Intermediate Japanese I (JC)
JAPN 2202. Intermediate Japanese II (JC)
JAPN 2232. Japanese through Manga (JC)
JAPN 3301. Advanced Japanese I (JC)
JAPN 3302. Advanced Japanese II (JC)
JAPN 3851. Independent Study (JC)*
JAPN 3852. Independent Study (JC)*
JAPN 3891. Special Topics in Advanced Japanese (JC)


KOR 1101. Elementary Korean I (KC)
KOR 1102. Elementary Korean II
KOR 2201. Intermediate Korean I
KOR 2202. Intermediate Korean II
KOR 3301. Advanced Korean I
KOR 3302. Advanced Korean I


TBTN 1101. Elementary Tibetan I (UVA)
TBTN  1102. Elementary  Tibetan II (UVA)
TBTN  2201. Intermediate  Tibetan I (UVA)
TBTN  2202. Intermediate  Tibetan II (UVA)
TBTN  5101.  Elementary Tibetan I (UVA)
TBTN  5102.  Elementary  Tibetan  II (UVA)
TBTN  5201.  Intermediate  Tibetan  I (UVA)
TBTN 5202 Intermediate  Tibetan  II (UVA)