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Upcoming Events

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“US Gun Violence and Asian Americans”

Roundtable discussion with Sophie Bjork-James, Jonthan Metzl, and Ben Tran

Date: Wednesday 2/1/2023

Time: 11:30am-12:45pm

Place: Sarratt 189

Brindley Poster  

“A Philosophy of Hedonism in Early China: Understanding Yang Zhu in Ancient and Medieval Texts” 

Lecture by Erica Fox Brindley (Penn State University)

Date: Thursday 2/16/2023

film still from The Handmaiden  

The Handmaiden

Screening of Park Chan-wook's film presented by iLens and introduced by We Jung Yi

Date: Thursday 2/16/23

Time: 7:30pm

Place: Sarratt Cinema

Nayoung Poster  

“Decolonizing Cinema Studies and the Rise of Global Korean Cinema” 

Lecture by Aimee Nayoung Kwon (Duke University) about her new book Theorizing Colonial Cinema

Date: Thursday 2/23/2023

Time: 4:10pm

Place: Buttrick 123


“Caste in the United States with Yashica Dutt”

Lecture by Yashica Dutt (anti-caste expert, journalist and the award-winning author)

Date: Tuesday 3/7 - Wednesday 3/8/2023 


Jonathan Tran (Baylor) on his new book: Asian Americans and the Spirit of Racial Capitalism (Oxford, 2021)

Date: Monday 3/20/2023

Time: 4pm

Place: Divinity School


“Women as Harmonious Subjects: Intervals between Antigone and Nguyễn Du’s Kiều” 

Lecture by Nguyen Thi Minh (UCLA, Fulbright Fellow)

Date: Thursday 3/23 - Friday 3/24/2023


“Welcome to the New Real: Why Nipper Barks in Japanese” 

Lecture by Jonathan Abel (Penn State University) about his new book The New Real: Media and Mimesis in Japan from Stereographs to Emoji 

Date: Monday 3/27/2023


“Assignment China: An Oral History of American Journalists in the People’s Republic”

Lecture by Mike Chinoy (Senior Fellow, University of Southern California; former CNN foreign correspondent)

Date: Thursday 3/30/2023


“Asian America and Critical Environmental Studies: A Symposium with Neel Ahuja and Aimee Bhang”

Lectures by Neel Ahuja (University of Maryland) and Aimee Bhang (Pomona College in Claremont, California) 

Date: Thursday 4/20/2023