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Semester Course Offerings

Asian Studies Spring 2018 Course Offerings

All courses on this list count toward the credit-hour requirements for the major and the various minors within the Asian Studies Program. Their eligibility for specific requirements within the major and minors is indicated by the following codes:

China Concentration = CC      History Survey Course = HS
Japan Concentration = JC      Humanities Course = HU
South Asia Concentration = SA      Social Science Course = SS
Asian Perspectives = AP  

Any given course may be applied to only one category of requirement even if it may be eligible for more than one. Courses marked with an * require approval from the Asian Studies Program Director or Director of Undergraduate Studies.                                                                

Asian Studies

ASIA 2100W: Fashioning the Self: Coming of Age and Asian Modernities

ASIA 2560: Current Japan-U.S. Relations

ASIA 3851: Independent Study

ASIA 3852: Independent Study

ASIA 3891: Special Topics - Contemp Korean Pop Culture

ASIA 4999: Honors Research

ASIA 5560: Current Japan-U.S. Relations (combined with ASIA 2560)



CHIN 1102: Elementary Chinese II (CC)

CHIN 1231: Calligraphy (CC, HU)

CHIN 2202: Intermediate Chinese II (CC)

CHIN 2212: Chinese for Heritage Learners II (CC)

CHIN 3302W: Advanced Chinese II (CC)

CHIN 3851: Independent Study (CC)

CHIN 3852: Independent Study (CC)

CHIN 4404: Readings in Modern Chinese Media (CC)

CHIN 4406: Readings in Modern Literary Chinese (CC, HU)


Hindu-Urdu Language Instruction

HNUR 1102: Elementary Hindi-Urdu II (SA)

HNUR 2202: Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II (SA)

HNUR 3302: Advanced Hindi-Urdu II (SA)



HIST 1070: China from Empire to the People's Republic (CC, HS)

HIST 1090: Modern Japan (JC, HS)

HIST 1160: Modern South Asia (HS)

HIST 1882W: Japan Through Historical Fiction (JC, HU)

HIST 2100: Politics and Catastrophe in Modern China (CC, SS)

HIST 2105: Chinese Thought (CC, HU)


History of Art

HART 1210W:  Art and Ritual in Asia (AP, HU)

HART 3164W: Art of Buddhist Relic and Reliquary (HU)



JAPN 1011: Basic Japanese I (JC)

JAPN 1102: Elementary Japanese II (JC)

JAPN 2202: Intermediate Japanese II (JC)

JAPN 3302: Advanced Japanese II (JC)

JAPN 3851: Independent Study (JC)

JAPN 3852: Independent Study (JC)


Political Science

PSCI 2216: The Chinese Political System (CC, SS)


Religious Studies

RLST 1710: Religions of Japan (JC, HU)

RLST 3747: Daoist Tradition (AP, HU)

RLST 3749: Zen Buddhism (AP, HU)

RLST 3753: East Asian Buddhism (AP, HU)



REL 5460: East Asian Buddhism (combined with RLST 3753)