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Asian Studies Course List

Courses on this list count toward the credit-hour requirements for the major and the minors within the Asian Studies Department. Their eligibility for specific requirements within the major and minors is indicated by the following codes:

Chinese Concentration = CC
Japan Concentration = JC
Korea Concentration = KC
South Asia Concentration = SA
Asian Perspectives = AP
History Survey Course = HS
Humanities Course = HU
Social Science Course = SS

Any given course may be applied to only one category of requirement even if it may be eligible for more than one. Courses marked with an * require approval from the Asian Studies Department Chair or Director of Undergraduate Studies. Normally, up to 6 credit hours of courses taken in a study abroad program may be applied to the major and 3 credit hours can be applied to a minor with approval from the Asian Studies Department Chair or DUS. Additional study abroad course credit may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Chinese Language  

CHIN 1011. Basic Chinese (CC)
CHIN 1012. Basic Chinese (CC)
CHIN 1101. Elementary Chinese I (CC)
CHIN 1102. Elementary Chinese II (CC)
CHIN 1231. Calligraphy (CC, HU) 
CHIN 2201. Intermediate Chinese I (CC) 
CHIN 2202. Intermediate Chinese II (CC)
CHIN 2211. Chinese for Heritage Learners I (CC) 
CHIN 2212. Chinese for Heritage Learners II (CC)
CHIN 3301. Advanced Chinese I (CC) 
CHIN 3302. Advanced Chinese II (CC)
CHIN 3302W. Advanced Chinese II (CC) 
CHIN 3851. Independent Study (CC)*
CHIN 3852. Independent Study (CC)*
CHIN 4001. Fourth-year Conversational Chinese (CC)
CHIN 4002. Fourth-year Conversational Chinese (CC)
CHIN 4401. Business Chinese I (CC) 
CHIN 4402. Business Chinese II (CC) 
CHIN 4403. Readings in Modern Chinese Media (CC)
CHIN 4404. Readings in Modern Chinese Media (CC)
CHIN 4405. Classical Chinese Literature and Philosophy. (CC, HU)
CHIN 4406. Readings in Modern Literary Chinese (CC, HU)

Hindi-Urdu Language 

HNUR 1101. Elementary Hindi-Urdu I (SA)
HNUR 1102. Elementary Hindi-Urdu II 
HNUR 2201. Intermediate Hindi-Urdu I
HNUR 2202. Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II 
HNUR 3301. Advanced Hindi-Urdu I 
HNUR 3302. Advanced Hindi-Urdu II  (SA)
HNUR 3851. Independent Study  (SA)*
HNUR 3852. Independent Study  (SA)*

Japanese Language

JAPN 1011. Basic Japanese I (JC)
JAPN 1012. Basic Japanese II (JC)
JAPN 1013. Practical Japanese Conversation (JC)
JAPN 1101. Elementary Japanese I (JC)
JAPN 1102. Elementary Japanese II (JC)
JAPN 1231. Tadoku: Extensive Reading in Japanese (JC)
JAPN 2201. Intermediate Japanese I (JC)
JAPN 2202. Intermediate Japanese II (JC)
JAPN 2232. Japanese through Manga (JC)
JAPN 2233. Language through Japanese Food Culture (JC, HU)
JAPN 3301. Advanced Japanese I (JC)
JAPN 3302. Advanced Japanese II (JC)
JAPN 3851. Independent Study (JC)*
JAPN 3852. Independent Study (JC)*
JAPN 3891. Special Topics in Advanced Japanese (JC)

Korean Language

KOR 1101. Elementary Korean I (KC)
KOR 1102. Elementary Korean II
KOR 2201. Intermediate Korean I
KOR 2202. Intermediate Korean II
KOR 3301. Advanced Korean I
KOR 3302. Advanced Korean II
KOR 3851. Independent Study (KC)
KOR 3852. Independent Study (KC)

Sanskrit Language

SNSK 1101. Elementary Sanskrit I (SA, AP)
SNSK 1102. Elementary Sanskrit II
(SA, AP)
SNSK 2201. Intermediate Sanskrit I (SA, AP)
SNSK 2202. Intermediate Sanskrit II (SA, AP)
SNSK 3201. Advanced Sanskrit I (SA, AP)
SNSK 3202. Advanced Sanskrit II (SA, AP)

Asian Studies 

ASIA 1111. First-Year Writing Seminar*
ASIA 1201. Writing Southeast Asia (AP, HU)
ASIA 1680. Inside China
(CC, SS)
ASIA 1682. Chinese Culture through Tai Chi& Qi Gong (CC)
ASIA 1780. Health and Well-being at the Margins of Indian Society (SA)
ASIA 1881W. The Body in Modern Japanese Culture (JC, SS)
ASIA 2100W. Fashioning the Self: Coming of Age and Asian Modernities (AP, HU)
ASIA 2210W. Hollywood Hanoi (AP, HU)
ASIA 2220. Violence and Media in Southeast Asia (AP, HU)
ASIA 2302. Popular Culture of South Asia (SA, HU)
ASIA 2303. Classical India in the Modern World (SA, HU)
ASIA 2306. Environment & Development in South Asia (SA, SS, AP)
ASIA 2307. Transnational South Asia (SA, SS, AP)
ASIA 2308. Narratives of Disaster & Apocalypse (AP)
ASIA 2411. Cultural History of Korea (KC, AP, HS)
ASIA 2412. Global Korean Cinema (KC, AP, HU)
ASIA 2413. History of Modern Korea (KC, AP, HS)
ASIA 2414. Food and Family in Korean Pop Culture (KC, AP, HU)
ASIA 2415W. Blood, Sweat, and Tears in Korean Literature (KC, HU)
ASIA 2416. The Korean War through Film & Fiction (KC, HU)
ASIA 2511. Popular Culture in Modern Japan (JC, HU)
ASIA 2512. Explorations of Japanese Animation (JC, HU)
ASIA 2513W. Media Monsters in Contemporary Japan (JC, HU)
ASIA 2514W. Contemporary Japan in Film & Fiction (JC, HU)
ASIA 2605. Romancing the Nation in Modern Chinese Literature (CC, HU)
ASIA 2606. Martial Tradition in Chinese Literature (CC, HU)
ASIA 2607. Self and Society in Pre-modern Chinese Literature (CC, HU)
ASIA 2608. Chinese Drama: 13th to 20th Centuries (CC, HU)
ASIA 2609W. Writing and Gender in Traditional China (CC, HU)
ASIA 2620. Chinese Culture through Calligraphy (CC, HU)
ASIA 2630. Chinese Medicine (CC, SS)
ASIA 3151. The Third World and Literature (AP, HU)
ASIA 3155. Blackness and the Asian Century (AP, HU)
ASIA 3633. Self-Cultivation in Ancient China (CC, HU)
ASIA 3851. Independent Study*
ASIA 3852. Independent Study*  
ASIA 3891. Special Topics*
ASIA 3892. Special Topics*
ASIA 3980. Junior Honors Readings*
ASIA 4998. Honors Research*
ASIA 4999. Honors Research*

Cinema and Media Arts

CMA 3892. Special Topics in the Study of Film*


ENGL 1210W. Prose Fiction: Forms and Techniques (as appropriate)*
ENGL 1260W. Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis  (as appropriate)*
ENGL 2319W.  World Literature, Modern
(as appropriate)*                                             
ENGL 3662. Asian American Literature
(AP, HU)*                                     
ENGL 3670W. Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature
(as appropriate)*


HIST 1050. East Asia since 1800 (AP, SS, HS)
HIST 1060. Premodern China (CC, SS, HS)
HIST 1070. China from Empire to the People’s Republic (CC, SS, HS)
HIST 1080. Premodern Japan (JC, SS, HS)
HIST 1090. Modern Japan (JC, SS, HS)
HIST 1111. First-Year Writing Seminar*
HIST 1160. Modern South Asia (SA, SS, HS)
HIST 1161. India Before Europe (SA, SS, HS)
HIST 1162. The East India Company, 1600-1858 (SA, SS)
HIST 1881. The Body in Modern Japanese Culture (JC, HU)
HIST 1882W. Japan Through Historical Fiction (JC, HU)  
HIST 2100. Politics and Catastrophe in Modern China  (CC, SS)
HIST 2105. Chinese Thought (CC, HU)
HIST 2106. A Global History of Tea (AP, SS)
HIST 2107. Chinese Economic History (CC, SS)
HIST 2110. Crisis Simulation in East Asia (AP, SS)
HIST 2111. China and the United States: Intertwined Histories (AP, CC, SS)
HIST 2115. Play and Pleasure in Early Modern Japan
(JC, HU)
HIST 2119. The Pacific War in Cinematic Memory (JC, HU)
HIST 2120. Japan's War and Postwar, 1931-1989 
(JC, SS)
HIST 2140. The Mughal World (SA, SS)
HIST 2150. India and the Indian Ocean (SA, AP, SS)
HIST 3090 Tokyo: History and Image (JC, SS)
HIST 3112W. China and the World (CC, AP, SS)                                                                                                
HIST 3220W. Images of India (SA, HU)

History of Art and Architecture

HART 1200. Arts of East Asia (AP, HU)
HART 1205. Arts of South and Southeast Asia (SA, AP, HU)
HART 1210W. Art and Ritual in Asia (AP, HU)
HART 1220. History of Asian Architecture (AP, HU)
HART 2100. Architecture and the Mapping of Empire in Asia (AP, HU)
HART 2110. Arts of China (CC, HU)
HART 2120. Arts of Korea (KC, HU)
HART 2130. Arts of Japan (JC, HU)
HART 2150. East Asian Architecture and Gardens (AP, HU)
HART 2170. Religion and Politics in South and Southeast Asian Art (SA, AP, HU)
HART 2175. Modern and Contemporary Indian Architecture (AP, HU)
HART 2815. Digital Heritage, Methods, and Practice: The Chinese Temple (CC, HU)
HART 3112. The Arts of China during the Liao-Song Period (CC, HU)
HART 3140. Healing and Art in East Asia. (AP, HU)
HART 3164W. Art of Buddhist Relic and Reliquary (AP, HU)
HART 3172. Himalayan Art: Art of the Divine Abode. (AP, HU)
HART 3174. The South Asian Temple. (SA, AP, HU)

Human and Organizational Development  

HODI 3260. Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Development, Reform, and Innovation (AP, SS)

Medicine, Health, and Society

MHS 2310. Chinese Society and Medicine (CC, SS)

Political Science

PSCI 2216. The Chinese Political System (CC, SS)
PSCI 3894. Selected Topics in Comparative Politics (as appropriate)*
PSCI 3895. Selected Topics in International Politics (as appropriate)*

Religious Studies

RLST 1010. Encountering Religious Diversity (AP, HU)
RLST 1500. Introduction to Islam
(AP, HU)
RLST 1637. Religions of Tibet and the Himalayas (SA, AP, HU)
RLST 1700. Religions in China (CC, HU)
RLST 1710. Religions of Japan (JC, HU)
RLST 2134. Asian and Asian American Religions in the United States (AP)
RLST 2644. Buddhist Traditions (AP, HU)
RLST 2664. Foundations of Hindu Traditions (SA, AP, HU)
RLST 3561. Islam in South Asia (SA, HU)
RLST 3650. Classical Philosophies of India
RLST 3669. Sacred Space in the Tibetan World (AP, HU)
RLST 3670W. Buddhism and the State (AP, HU)
RLST 3747. Daoist Tradition (AP, HU)
RLST 3749. Zen Buddhism (AP, HU)
RLST 3753. East Asian Buddhism (AP, HU)
RLST 3775. Chinese Religions through Stories (CC, HU)
RLST 4665. Mythologies and Epics of South Asia (SA, AP, HU)
RLST 4666. Devotional Traditions of South Asia: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh (SA, AP, HU)
RLST 4774. Japanese Mythology (JC, HU)