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Summer/Semester Programs

CET in China:

CET programs have been established in Beijing, Harbin, Kunming, and Shanghai with different opportunities based on location.

In Beijing there are two types of programs, a Chinese Language Immersion Program and a Chinese Studies Program. The Immersion Program requires students to pledge to speak exclusively in Mandarin for the entire duration of the program. The Chinese Studies Program offers a 50-50 study with Mandarin language taught exclusively in Mandarin and content courses on Chinese history, politics, and culture taught in English. Harbin¹s CET immersion program offers individually tailored advanced language and content independent studies taught exclusively in Mandarin. The CET program in Shanghai not only offers intensive Mandarin Chinese (in Chinese) and courses on Chinese economics and international relations (in English), but also offers internships at international and local companies.

For more information on all of these programs please contact our Chinese language coordinator Dr. Xianmin Liu, ( or browse CET¹s general website (

CIEE in China and Japan:

Academic year programs are offered in both China and Japan. China¹s CIEE program is located at East China Normal University in Shanghai. The curriculum consists of one-third language, one-third coursework in economics and international relations, and one-third internship. The program in Japan is located at Sophia University in Tokyo. Here programs of study based in language and humanities courses are both available.