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Elliott McCarter

Senior Lecturer in Asian Studies (Hindi-Urdu)

Elliott McCarter joined the Asian Studies Program in 2016 as Senior Lecturer of Hindi-Urdu. In addition to language curriculum and assessment materials, Elliott’s research focuses on narratives about places in South Asia and the history of stories. A lover of popular culture and media, Dr. McCarter employs his broad training in South Asian languages and cultures to examine various threads of meaning surrounding certain locales. This focus complements his proficiency-based method to language instruction. Extending beyond teaching the fundamentals of communication in Hindi-Urdu, his approach is to surround the study of language with a richness of cultural and historical context.

Elliott has lived in various regions of India, but especially in Haryana. In addition to Hindi-Urdu, he is proficient in Sanskrit and has an understanding of several other North Indian dialects and languages. In his spare time, Elliott enjoys gardening and athletics, especially cycling, baseball, and cricket.