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Tahila Moss

Lecturer of Art

Tehila (aka Tahila Moss + Mintz) is an Indigenous Yaqui and Jewish multidisciplinary artist who engages in paradigm shifting towards ancestral systems of matriarchy and gender equilibrium, and the work of re-membering the strands of knowledge that have been unraveled by colonial interventions. She is a Water Protector and Land Guardian who collaborates with Indigenous communities around the world, particularly Indigenous women, to restore access to ancestral knowledge and promote understanding between communities. Her feature length film in progress, Woman of the Water, focuses on the treatment of water, women, and Indigenous peoples.

While a core part of her practice is community engagement, Tahila’s work has been exhibited Nationally and Internationally. She is a National Geographic and Magnum Foundation Fellow and has worked throughout the Americas, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. She is a speaker and hosts pannels on issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People and Water Rights in spaces ranging from the Frist Art Museum to the United Nations.

Tahila has worked as a cultural technologist creating culturally responsive Virtual Reality or interactive online experiences to translate in-person experiences to the virtual realm for Indigenous community healing. Her chapter, Integrating Immersive Technology Tools and New Media for Indigenous Culture and Wellness will be published in the upcoming book, Resilient Health: Leveraging Technology and Social Innovations to Transform Healthcare for COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond. She is the Founding Executive Director of OJI:SDA’ Sustainable Indigenous Futures.