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Vanderbilt in Berlin

Vanderbilt in Berlin 2012



Monika Weisman liebt Berlin

Monika Weisman:

"Nach sieben Wochen kann ich wirklich sagen, dass diese Reise nach Berlin mein Leben verändert hat.
Nicht nur hat sich mein Deutsch viel verbessert,sondern ich habe auch viele interessante Leute kennen gelernt,

viel gutes Essen gegessen und die echte Freiheit von Study-Abroad erlebt.

Berlin, ich liebe dich, und ich komme bald zurück!"



Roo and Carly win the Brecht program at the Berliner Ensemble

Roo (DeLesslin George-Warren):

"To get into Berghain:

1. Look bored and look like you have other options.
2. Bob your head to the music (in as apathetic way as possible).
3. Wear a hippos-playing golf sweater.

(and don’t flood your apartment)."

Patrick Hodges!

Patrick Trenton Hodges:

"Was bedeutet “genauso”?



Rather bright for Gabie and Patrick

Gabie Frisbie:

"Why is the sun up?"


Sam on Museum Island

Samuel Denney:

"Berlin, was für eine einzigartige Stadt!"



Qiongru and Junyi at the welcome dinner in Altberlin

Qiongru Yu:

"In Berlin I had a completely different view from every step I took.
It is a wonderful city and I loved it!!!

The 20 km walking trip to Potsdam was fantastic.
The little German town, pretty forests, and the wheat field showed me a totally different Berlin!

In this city, dare to dream, dare to try, and dare to be amazed!"


Mary Grace gives you permission

Mary Grace Schley:

"I give you permission to have ice cream for dinner."


Matthew der Denker

Matthäus A. Snödgress (Matthew Snodgress):

"The five hour walk to Potsdam was great,
we wandered through green forests,
black streets, and ... wait...

Another German path through the land do I see?
Onward, by adventure! By foreign



Junyi at Sony Center

Junyi Chu:

"Ich will eine Wohnung in Charlottenburg kaufen
und Berlin
nicht vergessen!"



Carly on top of the TV Tower before the Europacup game

Carly Reiss:

"Berlin was absolutely incredible! There is so much to see and so much to do.
One of the best experiences I had was visiting the TV Tower and being able to look
over the entire city and point out all the places I have been."


David Schroeder (Vanderbilt in Berlin 2010):

You never really leave Berlin!


David Schroeder (Vanderbilt in Berlin 2008) and Vandy friends visit Berlin in 2012

David Schroeder and fellow Vanderbilt grads Zach, Dan, and Drew celebrate graduation at the Ständige Vertretung (2012)