College of Arts and Science Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt in Berlin

Vanderbilt in Berlin 2011



S-Bahn to Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam

Karl Gressly and Hayley Farmer


Hayley Alexandra Farmer
Rhodes College:

"Berlin war arm aber sexy!"


Erika Leicht

Erika Leicht:

"I've never seen pink beer before."


Candace West


 Candace West:

"Group photo, everyone!" (Peggy)


Ruixuan Ding

Ruixuan Ding:

"Berlin <= a cute city with cute stuff."


Karl Gressly


 Karl Gressly:

"I hate sunrises - I hate them sooo much."


Hamilton Carpenter


Ham Carpenter:

"Ausgehen. Essen. Trinken. Alles gern."


Hayley Gibson

Hayley Gibson:

 "Berlin ist die beste Stadt!
The Singapore Restaurant in Kreuzberg has the best food in the city."


Candace West and Derek Gunn

Candace West:

"And how bout a photo here - and here? then how about you stand over here -
Derek, you get in the picture, too..."

(Peggy #2)


David Baker and Hayley Farmer


David Baker:

"So much food."


Tyler Gilcrest

Tyler Gilcrest:

"Berlin ist die Hauptstadt für deutsche Geschichte und Kultur.
Man muß Berlin erfahren!"


Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin:

"Berlin is a crossroads of Europe.
It has a medley of cultures and atmospheres.

There is always something new going on, and you ALWAYS have a good time."

Berliner Weisse