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Vanderbilt in Berlin

Vanderbilt in Berlin 2009



Thekla and Jason on Spree River boat tour


Thekla (Sara) Roland: 

"You'll find yourself in Berlin, where everything goes, indeed fabulously."









Bruce at farewell gathering


Bruce (Donald) Ross:

"Berlin is by far one of the best cities I've been to!

With the culture, architecture, and great beer, the city can't be beat!"




Katie at East Side Gallery


Katie Ostrander:

"Berlin is amazing; there is really no other city like it.
I could just walk around the city for hours and see things historical, modern, quirky,

fascinating, devastating, and awesome.

I still don't think I saw everything after being there for two whole months.
I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life!"







Paige at the Caffè e Gelato in the Arkaden


Paige Ryder:

"I couldn't think of a better way to spend your summer.

Berlin has something for everyone and you'll want to go back again and again!"

Will Johnson: Kino Central at the Hackescher Markt


Will Johnson:

"Vermeid die Berliner Spinnen!"


Vanessa Li rides a tandem


Vanessa Li:

"Berlin is the coolest, chic-est, most exciting place to go to for a summer.

Sunday brunches, late night drinks at Kreuzberg, traditional German dinner by the river,
and so much more is what makes me want to go back every day!"





Anna Alexander:

"There truly is no other city like Berlin; it is the NYC of Europe.

I would recommend this summer program to everyone, from those who have never traveled abroad to those who have been to Germany several times.

It is a great opportunity to grow and find yourself, while at the same time having a blast. Do not miss the bike tour - Ingo is totally worth it!"

Anna and Berlin nightlife


Jason on bike tour




Jason Theobald:

"Go to Berlin and have an excellent time!
You'd be surprised how much German you can learn in seven weeks if you put your mind to it.

Berlin is not your typical European city. If you want high class and style, go to Paris or somewhere in Italy.

But if you want to meet interesting people from all walks of life, go hang out with some hipster artists in Prenzlauerberg, say hi to the punks at Alexanderplatz,
interview the Communist squatters in Kreuzberg, or get a tour from diplomats down at the EU house on Unter den Linden (yeah, did that for a class).

Berlin felt real and down-to-earth, yet creative and full of energy. I loved that."


Rachel and Peggy at farewell gathering



Rachel Phillips:

"Es gibt keine Stadt besser als Berlin!

Wir hatten so Spaß aber sieben Wochen waren nicht genug! Ich liebe Berlin!"


Vanderbilt in Berlin 2009

Welcome dinner: Nikolaiviertel Farewell dinner: Staendige Vertretung S-Bahn
East Side Gallery FUBiS welcome reception Schloss Sanssouci
Boat tour on Spree: Paige, Anna, Bruce Bike tour with Ingo at Reichstag (Parliament) Bruce, Vanessa, Katie, Rachel, Paige at Krumme Lanke lake
Group at Bodemuseum with Fernsehturm (TV tower) Pergamon Museum Knut at Berliner Zoo
Pariser Platz (from the Academy of the Arts) Katie at Berliner Zoo Rachel, Katie, Vanessa, Jason at the Berliner Ensemble
Paige, Vanessa, Anna, Bruce, Katie, Rachel at Berliner Ensemble Biergarten Bike tour Thekla and Jason on boat tour on Spree River
Vanessa at Hamburger Bahnhof (art museum) Katie and Bruce in BE-Biergarten Georgios as Cupid in Robert Wilson: "Shakespeare' Sonnets"
Rachel and Katie at BE-Biergarten Sign at Bayerischer Platz Jewish neighborhood memorial Reichstagdom (Parliament)
Bodemuseum Jason, Katie, Rachel, Vanessa, Paige at welcome dinner Paige at BE-Biergarten
Victoria on Brandenburger Gate Bruce Will and S-Bahn

Marx and Engels on bike ride day



Der Bruderkuss: Honecker & Brezhnev at the East Side Gallery Will at Vanessa's 21st party Paige and Anna at Pergamon Museum
Paige and Herrenbesuch from England Bruce Rachel at Gedaechtniskirche
Batman at East Side Gallery Katie in hat shop of opera/ballet Panda at Berliner Zoo