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Speakers Series


 Among other activities, the department of Anthropology sponsors every year the Anthropology Speakers Series. Join us for enriching discussions and conversations.

Anthropology Speakers Series 2020-21

Patricia McAnany      October 16, 12 pm "Imagining a Maya Archaeology That Is Anthropological and Attuned to Indigenous Cultural Heritage". Article Discussion with author

Tracie Canada          October 30, 12 pm

Myles Lennon           November 18, 4 pm

Anthropology Speakers Series 2019-20

Gabriel Torres        September 6 - "Dead Dogs and Dirty Dancing: Protests and Popular Political Theory in Puerto Rico"

Katie Sampek        September 16 (Center for Latin American Studies). "How Chocolate Came to Be"

Justin Dunnavant   September 25 - "A Historical Ecology of Slavery in the Danish West Indies"

Conferences sponsored and co-sponsored by our department Fall 2019

Anthropology Speakers Series 2018-19

Jeb J Card        November 5, 2018

Rick Smith        January 18, 2019

Chris Rodning   February 1, 2019

Abigail Bigham  February 7, 2019

Jason De Leon  February 8, 2019 *CLAS event

Karen Ho          February 22, 2019

Adam Smith      March 15, 2019

Shannon Speed TBD

Anthropology Speakers Series 2017-18  

Norman Yoffee  Sept. 8-12  

Patricia Netherly  Sept. 28-October 1    

Dana-Ain Davis Oct. 20th

Karen Williams Nov. 10th

Benjamin S. Orlove January 19th

Uzma Rizvi Jan. 25-27, 2018

Kedron Thomas February 6th, 2018

Sarah Vaughn March 23, 2018

Anna Browne Ribeiro April 6, 2018

Anthropology Speakers Series 2016-17

Ana Mariella Bacigalupo

Chelsea Blackmore

Silvia Tomášková