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Maya Krause

Doctoral Candidate



Maya entered the Ph.D. program at Vanderbilt in the fall of 2017. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. During her undergraduate career, Maya worked on an archaeological project in Huari, Peru, which motivated her to pursue research in the Andean highlands. In her graduate research, Maya is continuing her work as an anthropological bioarchaeologist working in Peru to investigate the biocultural construction and experience of childhood under conditions of imperial occupation, and the consequences of this social process on health and diet. Maya’s research integrates archaeological, osteological, and isotopic data, and emphasizes sustained and meaningful engagement with host communities. Specifically, Maya’s research interests explore multiple sources of information, which include skeletal infection and chronic stress, diet, bone/tooth isotopic chemistry, and evidence of violent conflict. In her research, Maya articulates narratives about how the health of infants and children is subjected to behavioral, cultural, biological, and environmental forces and how childhood experiences are paramount to understanding long-term consequences for individual and population health, both in the past and the modern era.


  • National Geographic Early Career Grant, Summer 2019


  • National Geographic Early Career, 2019
  • IIE Fulbright Student Research Award, 2022​