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Chemistry Placement


Vanderbilt University Chemistry Preparation (VUCP)

Vanderbilt University Chemistry Preparation is available between June and August each year.  This preparation course is taken online and is used to determine whether or not a student is prepared to take Chemistry 1601. The VUCP is comprised of two components: 1) an initial VUCP knowledge check (also known as the Placement Exam) and 2) completion of the topics needed for mastery that have been determined by the Placement Exam.  The VUCP is  mandatory  for all students enrolled in CHEM 1601.

To remain enrolled in CHEM 1601 for the Fall semester, a score of 100% for the VUCP is required prior to the end of the add-drop period during the first week of classes.  That is, to remain enrolled in CHEM 1601, students must first complete the initial knowledge check (the Placement Exam) and then complete all of the topics determined by the Placement Exam (in other words, score 100%). The deadline to complete both sections is 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

For more information about taking the the VUCP, consult this document, prepared by the Department of Chemistry.