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CASPAR advisers’ offices are located on both the second and the third floors of The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons building.

Second-floor offices: suite 225 to the right of the mailroom

Third-floor offices: Turn right at the top of the stairs and follow the handrail around to the back of the staircase; take the left-hand hallway.


**You can find your adviser’s name in your Academic Record on YES  .**


Professor Laura Birdsall: 225A (suite 225, second floor), 615-343-0102

Professor Tizoc Chavez: 317 (third floor), 615-875-5833

Professor Brad Daugherty: 319 (third floor), 615-875-5832

Professor Andrea Hearn: 350 Buttrick Hall, 615-875-5831

Professor Stephanie Higgs: 225E (suite 225, second floor), 615-343-0082

Professor Adam Miller: 318 (third floor), 615-875-5830

Professor Aurora Romero: 321 (third floor), 615-343-0088

Professor Anna Silverstein: 225G (suite 225, second floor), 615-343-0093

Professor Wietske Smeele: 225F (suite 225, second floor), 615-343-0118

Professor Anna Catesby Yant: 225D (suite 225, second floor), 615-343-0157