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Summer Sessions


This period is the four-week interval between final examinations in the spring semester and the beginning of the traditional summer session. Vanderbilt offers a broad selection of "total immersion" courses on special topics as well as educational travel opportunities that would be difficult to offer during a regular semester.

Students are permitted to take no more than one course during Maymester. Students interested in a Maymester course should seek information directly from the faculty member in charge of the course. Graduate School students interested in a Maymester course should refer to the Graduate School Office for acceptable offerings. Housing and food services are available for students enrolled in courses on campus.

Summer Session

The Vanderbilt summer session offers a wide selection of courses for regularly enrolled Vanderbilt students, part-time students, and students who are enrolled during the regular year in other colleges and universities (transient students). Courses are available in most departments of the College of Arts and Science, the Blair School of Music, the School of Engineering, the Graduate School, the School of Nursing, and Peabody College.

While the regular summer session is divided into first and second halves, some courses are regular semester courses that extend through the session. Courses that are complete in either the first half or second half meet twice as many hours per week as those that extend through the summer.

If full-year courses are offered in the summer, the work of the first semester is covered in the first half of the session, the work of the second semester in the second half. The first half of these courses may be prerequisite for the second half. Whether credit may be obtained for the first half without the second half depends, for Vanderbilt students, upon the requirements of the school and the major department (consult the school’s registrar or records office). Transient students must be governed by the policies of their institutions regarding transfer of credit.

In addition to providing for regularly enrolled Vanderbilt students who wish to continue in the summer, the College of Arts and Science summer session is also designed to meet the needs of students who are enrolled during the regular year in other colleges and universities, transient students, and well-qualified rising high school seniors.

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