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Summer Sessions


Maymester is a unique four-week session between the spring and summer semesters. Vanderbilt offers a wide range of Maymester courses—on campus, off-campus, and even internationally. They provide students with an opportunity to explore a new academic area, or take a course that might not fit into their fall and spring semester schedules.

Maymesters are Vanderbilt courses (usually 3 credit hours) taught by Vanderbilt faculty. Students interested in a Maymester course should seek information directly from the faculty member in charge of the course.

Students are permitted to take only one course during the Maymester session. Housing and food services are available for students enrolled in courses on campus. Graduate students interested in a Maymester course should refer to the Graduate School and their home department for acceptable offerings. Students may apply for financial aid for international Maymester courses.

Summer Session

The Vanderbilt summer session offers a wide selection of courses for Vanderbilt students and students who are enrolled during the regular year in other colleges and universities (transient students). Courses are available in schools across the university.

Summer session is divided into first and second halves. Most courses are offered in either the first or second half, though some courses extend through both.

Some summer classes have prerequisites. For Vanderbilt students, you must meet these prerequisites. Transient students must follow the policies of their home institutions regarding transfer credit.

Summer Work Elsewhere

Students who wish to study at other domestic universities during the summer may receive transfer credit for a maximum of two courses. Before you make any plans, please ensure that the course(s) you intend to take are eligible for transfer credit by using the University Registrar’s Transfer Credit Tool.

In addition, please note the following policies regarding summer work elsewhere:

  • The student must be in good standing.
  • The college or university must be a fully accredited two- or four-year institution with standards equivalent to those of Vanderbilt.
  • The course(s) may not be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • The course(s) may not be used to satisfy AXLE requirements.
  • The course(s) may not be part of the student’s last 30 credit hours.