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International Study

International Study

Studying abroad can be an essential and transformative component of a liberal arts education. Students often find that it results in one of the most profound experiences of their college years, and contributes significantly to their overall intellectual development and social maturation. Vanderbilt has more than 160 approved study abroad programs, in locations such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, the Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, and beyond. Each year, approximately 500 College of Arts and Science students study abroad.

The Global Education Office administers all Vanderbilt-approved study abroad programs. These include semester-long programs, year-long programs, and summer offerings (including Maymester). When deciding where to study abroad, students have several resources. Many Vanderbilt faculty members regularly travel abroad to teach or do research in their areas of specialty. They are a great source of information about study abroad. In addition, students will find hundreds of international students and their families studying and working at Vanderbilt. Getting to know them and participating in some of the many on-campus events and activities geared towards Vanderbilt's international community will enhance your own experience, and, perhaps, focus your interests on particular countries where you might want to study. Vanderbilt strongly recommends that you complete your international study before your senior year.

Additional Resources

» Vanderbilt’s Global Education Office

» A&S Study Abroad Policy

  • Students in the College of Arts and Science can only receive course credit through Vanderbilt-approved programs. The College only accepts credit from international schools and programs that have been approved by Vanderbilt faculty and with which we have a contract or agreement. This applies to all academic terms (the fall, spring, and summer, or any other academic calendar a program might use). The approved programs are administered by the Global Education Office, and can be found at:
  • Grades earned in a study abroad program will show up on the student’s Vanderbilt transcript, but will not count toward the student’s grade point average. Credit for these courses will be considered study away credit, not direct credit.
  • The College of Arts and Science cannot accept credit from a student taking a leave of absence to do non-approved study abroad programs.
  • The student must be in good standing.
  • The student must have a 2.700 cumulative grade point average, or in the two semesters prior to requesting study abroad.
  • Courses may not be taken on a repeat credit basis.
  • Courses may not be taken on a pass-fail basis.
  • Courses may not be used to satisfy AXLE requirements.