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Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary Programs, which offer major and/or minor courses of study, allow students to explore connections between traditional academic areas, and to pursue their emerging scholarly interests in the intersections between multiple disciplines and methodologies. Students working in these areas will work closely with their advisers and professors to select courses from across the curriculum that will maximize their ability to simultaneously consider a topic, subject, or problem from the differing perspectives of historically-separate disciplines.

Some of the interdisciplinary programs require students to create individual plans of study. Others have more pre-defined requirements. Interested students should consult the relevant program's website, and speak with the program's director.

The College of Arts and Science offers interdisciplinary programs in the following areas:

African American and Diaspora Studies
American Studies
Asian Studies
Cinema & Media Arts
Communication of Science and Technology
Economics and History
English and History
European Studies
French and European Studies
Interdisciplinary Materials Science Program
Jewish Studies
Latin American Studies
Latino and Latina Studies
Managerial Studies
Medicine, Health, and Society
Public Policy Studies
Russian and European Studies
Spanish and European Studies
Spanish, Portugese, and European Studies
Women's and Gender Studies