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Graduate Certificate Requirement Checklist

Graduate Certificate in Diaspora Studies Check List



  Advisor or DGS: _________________________________

    Distribution Requirements (check indicates satisfactory completion)

  ___AADS 5002 Theories of Diaspora          _____ (grade received)        _____  (syllabus/class curriculum completed, check if satisfactory)        

  ___Three Graduate Courses (include department, course number, title, date taken, and grade)

  1 _______________________________________________________     



    ____Student GPA (from an unofficial transcript, or as reported by advisor or department DGS)


      5002 Graduate Course Paper Title 

    Paper Grade (please circle):     Pass               Fail

Participation in a minimum of five extracurricular activities sponsored by the Callie House Research Center for the Study of Global Black Cultures and Politics. A short paper (2 pages) reflecting on the insights gained from participating must be submitted to the director of graduate studies before the conferral of the certificate.

 _____ Check if submitted.