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November 2014

Dean John SloopDear College of Arts and Science friends:

When I deliver the school’s annual State of the College address to different groups, I delight to note how generous our alums and friends are when it comes to many initiatives that have been important in the upward trajectory of the College and Vanderbilt as a whole. From support of Opportunity Vanderbilt to endowing named chairs to gifts to individual departments, the generosity of so many of you—the giving back—is both humbling and inspiring. I am grateful.

I want also to express my deep gratitude for the other ways so many give back by building our alumni networks and by helping out in a variety of means. To the multitudes of you—like Frank Nash, BA’73, Jackie Ross, BA’00, and Myra Washington, BA’03, MEd’05—who assist in interviewing prospective students; to those like Chad Gervich, BA’96, and Dan Lovinger, BA’87, who have worked to establish internship tracks; and to those like Lee Jenkins, BA’99, who have helped edit and rethink writing and resumes for our graduates as they make their way into the job market, I express my great thanks.

In building and maintaining these types of networks, the members of the Arts and Science family continue to help one another and as a result, continue to advance this institution. We use the phrase “One Vanderbilt” on campus to refer to our efforts to make the different elements of the university work together as one. I like to reflect on how all of you, in so many ways, expand the meaning of that phrase.

Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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John M. Sloop

Student Nigel Bowden

Bond of brothers

Linebacker Nigel Bowden wears dog tags and carries a slightly blood-stained wallet as constant connections to his older brother who died in Iraq. The Arts and Science student talks about honoring his brother by succeeding in academics and football.


Steven Wernke

A&S in the News

NBC News liked Steve Wernke’s aerial acrobatics over archeological sites; CSPAN aired a lecture by Sarah Igo about the societal shift that occurred due to modernization, and international media talked with Tom Schwartz about the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Ad for AS gear

David Maraniss

Pulitzer winner returns

Author David Maraniss will co-teach spring courses on political biography and on the Vietnam War.

Professor Elsie Quarterman

Ecology pioneer

Jonathan Ertelt pens a tribute to the late Elsie Quarterman, professor of biology, emerita.

Latin America map

Latin American resource

The Department of Education has renewed the Center for Latin American Studies as a comprehensive National Resource Center. The renewal comes with a $1.8 million grant.

Alexander Olshanskii

Math honor

Congratulations to Centennial Professor Alexander Ol’shanskii, who has been named a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.



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