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September 2014

Dean John SloopDear College of Arts and Science friends:

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to greet the families of College of Arts and Science’s current students, especially parents of our first-year students. While the parents had a number of questions, the primary emotions I encountered were enthusiasm and joy at the opportunity of reuniting with their children, being on Vanderbilt’s campus, and having the chance to spend some time at their children’s new home. Soon, I will get the opportunity to welcome and visit with alumni coming back to campus for Reunion. I expect to see some of the same excitement—of alumni returning home and revisiting people they now consider family.

These events are important for a number of reasons. A key one is that they help remind all of us connected to Vanderbilt that we have a family connection. At many of the events where I get to meet incoming students, alumni or others connected, I like to tell stories of the alums I know who, after getting out into the workforce, reach back and offer guidance and assistance to current students in the form of advice and opportunities.

So I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you in the Arts and Science family for everything you do. It is often these small “family” touches—reaching out to alumni in your area, providing guidance or advice to current students, sharing your knowledge and experiences—that make a big difference in people’s lives. Thanks for being part of this family.

Best wishes,

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John M. Sloop

Kirkland video imageCommodore Pride

All Vanderbilt is celebrating great position in the U.S. News & World Report rankings. Here’s a video look at all our success in numbers.




Lijun SongA&S in the News

Britain’s Daily Mail is only one newspaper talking about Calvin Miller’s discovery that early Earth wasn’t so hellish; ABC News reported on Lijun Song’s research about unsolicited job offers; and the Washington Post talked to Marc Hetherington about political gridlock in 2017 and beyond.




Douglas McMahon at chair celebration

New Endowed Chairs

Congratulations to professors Joel F. HarringtonDouglas G. McMahon and Kamal Saggi, our three newest endowed chair holders.

"Blue (Three and Sevens)"art by Kathryn McDonnell

Hamblet Award at 30

A campus exhibit salutes 30 years of inspiring art majors to travel and create.

Natalia Lynch

Growing up military

First-year student Natalia Lynch has been named the global youth advocate for military teens.

Sean Lee, student and Army ROTC cadet

Historic student win

Glaucoma research by senior Sean Lee made history and earned the Army ROTC cadet a top prize.


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