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November 2013


Dear Arts and Science friends,

Next week, much of the United States takes a day to focus on gratitude. It seems like a fitting moment to thank those who share in the life of the College of Arts and Science.

To the undergraduates who inspire and invigorate those of us who have the privilege of teaching you, thank you. It’s exciting to share ideas with you, and to gain new perspectives from our discussions. As a professor, I love being in the classroom with you.

To the graduate students who energize our research: you are the faculty of tomorrow. Thank you for your emerging leadership, for your collaborative spirit, and for your openness, curiosity, and energy.

To the nearly 600 faculty and 300 staff colleagues who are the bedrock of the Arts and Science mission, thank you for your tireless pursuit of the very best in research, teaching, and service. Your dedication inspires me; your efforts make the College of Arts and Science great.

To the families who entrust us with your students, thank you. We value the young men and women who come to our campus to learn. We as faculty appreciate your support and dedication to helping them to realize their full potential.

To the alumni, donors, and friends who support us with contributions of time, service, counsel, and funds, thank you. We value and appreciate your insights and gifts. Your generosity fuels innovation all across the College of Arts and Science.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy time with family and friends.

Best regards,

DeanDever signature
Carolyn Dever


Eyes that see in the dark

Randolph Blake’s findings on how some people can see in pitch dark intrigues Scientific American, Slate, NPR and more.





Other Arts and Science stories

A Curb Center study features in a Wall Street Journal story debunking the starving artist myth for arts majors; The Hustler profiles South Korean military vet Jae Lee, now a College of Arts and Science senior, andĀ Larisa DeSantis mines new findings from the tar in Rancho La Brea.



It’s not your parents’ dorm

Writer Alice Randall and her husband share their apartment and cool friends like musician Steve Earle with 170 students.


Preschool makes economic sense for disadvantaged

EconomistĀ Peter Savelyev proves that a quality preschool education benefits poorer children later in life.


Scandal awarded prize

Scandal of Colonial Rule by Distinguished Professor of History James Epstein earned the 2013 Stansky Book Prize.


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