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AV Equipment Rental Policies


Rental Policies

Check out of equipment

Much of Technology Support Services (TSS) equipment is available for check out at no charge to faculty and students working on Arts and Science course related projects.    The use of TSS equipment for course related projects must be approved in advance by the professor teaching the course.  Professors who are assigning all or most of a class to do VIDEO projects must contact TSS at the beginning of the semester to arrange training sessions on the use of the cameras and the editing software.

All equipment is checked out on a one day basis and must be reserved one day in advance.  Equipment may be reserved for up to three days.  Friday to Monday is considered one day.  You may pick up equipment between 12 noon and 4.30pm and it is due by noon the following day.  Users must sign a check out card and assume responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment.  Anyone wishing to use the editing equipment at the TSS must reserve an editing station one day in advance.   Please call TSS (322-4855) to reserve equipment and be sure to cancel your reservation if you change your mind.

FAILURE TO RETURN EQUIPMENT ON TIME will result in very serious penalties.  The first time you fail to return equipment on time you will be given a warning.  The second time you fail to return equipment on time your check out privileges will be suspended and you will not be allowed to check out any equipment for three (3) weeks.  The third time you fail to return equipment on time your privileges will be eliminated for the remainder of the semester.

Some equipment is available ONLY to Film Studies students.  For a list of this equipment please go to DOWNLOADS and click on “Film Studies Equipment.”

For Film Studies projects or faculty projects for which there is a budget (i.e. a project on which anyone gets paid any amount) there will be an equipment rental fee charged of 1/3 the regular rental fee or the payment of 10% of the actual budget to defray the cost of purchasing and maintaining the equipment.  The faculty in charge of the project will be responsible for acquiring insurance for the loss or damage of equipment or injury to persons.

Rental of equipment

Much of TSS equipment is available to the university community (faculty, students and staff) for rental.  A&S classes have priority which means that at certain times of the year some equipment may not be available.  Equipment is not available to anyone outside the Vanderbilt Community.  Equipment is usually available for as many days as you need it, but only if you reserve it well in advance.  Rental equipment may be picked up between noon and 4pm and is due back by noon of the last day of the rental.  Rental charges must be paid when the equipment is picked up; we accept cash, check or 1180 requisition.  Users assume all responsibility for loss or damage to equipment.  If the equipment is late, the user will be charged the additional days’ rental.  Failure to observe these rules will result in loss of privileges.

Some equipment may not be checked out but may be used at TSS.  The charge for in house rental is $10 per hour.  Technicians may be available to deliver equipment but we deliver only to Rand, Kirkland and A&S classroom buildings.  The weekday rate is $10; the weekend rate is $20.

Technicians may be available for non-A&S events for $20 per hour.

There is no rental charge for in house A&S departmental conferences.  On campus conferences sponsored by A&S departments but with attendees from outside Vanderbilt must pay an equipment rental fee but are eligible for a 25% discount.