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Service  Where to Go Notes 
Loaner Laptop 001 Buttrick Hall  Click here to read our loaner laptop policy.
Laptop Computer Support  013 Buttrick Hall  Please bring your laptop and power supply in with you 
Office Computer Support  Call 322-4855 or
open a CSR ticket
Someone should be able to direct you to the fastest possible support 
Training  119 Garland Hall Classroom  Purposes include: Oak, Oasis, Course Evaluations, etc.

119 Garland Hall, 2200 Stevenson Center, 120 Wilson Hall 

$.05 per page for black and white and $.25 per page for color 
Scanning  119 Garland Hall  3 flat bed scanners and 1 scan snap provided
Classroom Computer Support  Call 322-4855  Someone should be ready to assist you when you call 
Audio/Visual Classroom Support  Call 322-4855  Problems include: projector, screen, overhead projector, lamps, etc.
Home Computer Support  013 Buttrick Hall Please read our home support policy, because this is our lowest priority service