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Computer Recomendations

Computer Recommendations

The standard computers currently recommended by VUIT-CAS are:

Dell Optiplex 9020
Dell Latitude 3330
21.5" iMac
13" MacBook Pro

Alternative laptop selections:

Ultraportable Laptops: Dell V131 (3.6 lbs)
                                   11" MacBook Air
                                   13" MacBook Air

Desktop Replacement: Dell Precision M6600 (17.3" display)
                                     Dell Precision M4600 (15.6" display)

*VUIT-CAS requires a 3 year warranty on all PCs and Apple Care for all Macintosh computers.
*VUIT-CAS recommends Windows Enterprise, Professional or Ultimate. If you have Windows Home upgrade to Enterprise for only $16.50 through the ITS Software Store.

Tablet Suggestions

There are too many Tablet options to count. We tested a small variety and are pleased with the models below. Please understand that VUIT-CAS offers limited support for these devices. We will configure email and wireless. We will offer suggestions for Apps but no support.

Apple iPad
Kindle Fire
Motorola Xoom

*VUIT-CAS suggests users buy a screen protector and case for all Tablets.

Printing Considerations

Almost every department on campus has a multi-function copier (MFP) to which faculty and staff have access. An MFP allows you to print, scan and copy. If you require a personal printer in addition to the MFP, please keep these considerations in mind when seeking the right printer for you.

1.  Do you need color?
2.  Do you need an inkjet or laser printer?
3.  Do you need duplexing (two-sided printing)?

*VUIT-CAS does not support or recommend wireless printers.

For questions about ordering please contact Megan Naughton at