Support Services

A&S Tutoring


A&S Tutoring offers individual, appointment-based assistance to all currently enrolled Vanderbilt students who wish to enhance their academic performance in introductory classes offered by the College of Arts and Science in the following departments: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, and a number of Foreign Languages. Services are free of charge.

Students are encouraged to work primarily with their professors and TAs to keep on top of their studies. There is no substitute for developing a strong working relationship with your professors and TAs.

As a secondary resource, students can try the Help Desks offered by various departments.  Click on a department below to see a schedule of its Help Desk support. These Desks are the fastest way to receive support outside of professorial and TA help, for they typically run on a generous schedule.  Note: Engineering offers Help Desks for all students, not just Engineering students, in many Science and Math classes. So be sure to click on the Engineering link, and not just the individual Department links, for details.

Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Economics; Engineering; Foreign Languages; Mathematics; and Physics.

For assistance with writing assignments of all kinds, students are strongly encouraged to visit the Writing Studio.

To schedule an individual tutoring appointment, see the individual tutoring section below, with its link to our online scheduler.