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Undergraduate Program Placement

About Placement In Spanish

  • Entering students should consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Professor Maria Paz Pintane for advice on placement.
  • Students who have not studied Spanish in high school should begin their studies at Vanderbilt in Spanish 100 (Spanish for True Beginners).
  • Students with high school Spanish on their records who wish to go on must present a College Board Subject test score in Spanish or (preferably) take the departmental placement test (Language Center, 001 Furman Hall).
  • Students who have received a 4 or 5 on the AP test should take Spanish 201W (Intermediate Spanish Writing). Students with a 3 should take Spanish 104 (Intermediate Spanish). 

   *Note: Spanish 102 is only for students continuing from Spanish 100 or 101. Incoming students cannot place into 102. 

   SAT Subject Test Dept. Placement Test  Course to be taken


No Spanish











Proficiency for AXLE 520 (SAT), 4 or 5 (AP), 6 or 7 (IB).








*If you get a score of 700-800+ on the Department Placement Test, please retake the test to confirm the result.


Placement in Portuguese

Students with a strong background in Spanish or another Romance Language should take Portuguese 102 (Intensive Elementary Portuguese) which covers two semesters in one semester. 

Ready to take the Placement Test?

  1. Follow this link:Spanish Department Language Placement Test (For placement purposes only; for proficiency testing the test must be taken in the Center for Second Language Studies, 001 Furman Hall)
  2. Write down your score and compare it with the blue chart above.
  3. If you need further assistance contact the Director Of Undergraduate Studies Professor Maria Paz Pintane email.