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Contact Information

phone: (615) 322-6857
fax: 615-343-7260
Furman 303

Office Hours

Monday: 1:30- 3:00 and Wednesday: 3:00- 4:30


M.A.University of Ottawa(2004)

Ph.D. University of Ottawa (2011)

Curriculum Vitae

Marcio Bahia

Assistant Professor of Portuguese

My primary area of research is in contemporary entertainment industries. In my doctoral thesis, From Global Entertainment to Amazonian ‘Tecnobrega’: Mobility in Contemporary Entertainment Practices, I investigated the tecnobrega music scene in Belém do Pará, Brazil. My analysis focused on a key element of this industry, the so-called aparelhagem parties. Aparelhagem is a traveling technological paraphernalia that brings musical entertainment to poor audiences in the Brazilian Amazon Region. These aparelhagens present a sophisticated blending of physical displacement, mobility, visual spectacle, and musical frenzy – a successful combination that propels a popular and powerful local entertainment industry. In a comparative perspective, I have confronted this local cultural phenomenon with products from global entertainment industries – blockbusters, videogames, MTV, theme park attractions, etc. This comparative analysis has disclosed aesthetic patterns that cross social, economic, and cultural boundaries.

In addition, I have investigated the still little explored Canada-Latin America cultural relations by proposing a comparative study of the concepts americanidade (Brazil), americanidad (Hispanic America), and américanité (Quebec). In a comparative fashion again, I place the development of these concepts within a larger frame of identity construction in the Americas. By analyzing the development of the concepts in Brazil, Hispanic America, and Quebec, I also investigate the absence of an analogous English term, “americanity,” in the United States and English-speaking Canada. I show that in spite of their apparent discourse of inclusiveness, americanidade and its variants are permeated by complex relations of power and by intricate dynamics of inclusion and exclusion.