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Graduate Grants and Fellowships

A number of stipends and scholarships are available to prospective graduate students. Financial awards are paid out on an twelve-month schedule; the first check is issued on August 31 and the last check at the end on July 31st of the following year.

 Graduate Teaching Assistanship

Our standard graduate teaching assistantship includes full tuition benefits, an annual stipend of $22,200 (AY 2011-2012), and medical insurance.In addition to the standard graduate assistantship, the Graduate School awards the following honor fellowships to highly qualified incoming students:

University Graduate Fellowship ($10,000 a year), Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Graduate Scholarship ($6,0000 a year), and the Provost Graduate Fellowship for Under-represented Minority Graduate Students ($10,000 a year).

These honor fellowships are added to the graduate teaching assistantship for a period of five years.  For further details please see:  /gradschool/fees_and_financial_support/#scholarships.

Throughout their time at Vanderbilt, graduate students can apply for additional financial support.

Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities Graduate Student Fellowship

  • is a service-free fellowship targeted to outstanding students in the last year of their graduate programs to enable full-time work in their dissertations (tuition, health insurance, a $24,250 stipend, and a $2,000 research fund).

Student Travel Grants

  • provide support for participation in national and international conferences ($500 for domestic travel and $1,000 for foreign travel).

Dissertation Enhancement Grants

  • The Graduate School conducts two annual competitions for Dissertation Enhancement Grants of up to $2,000.  These grants are designed to support research and travel for the dissertation.

Summer and Travel Awards from the Center of Latin American Studies

  • FLAS Summer Awards to study Portuguese, Quechua or other indigenous languages (tuition up to $5,000 and a $2,500 stipend); Simon Collier Travel Award for research in Latin America, especially Argentina and Chile ($500 to $2,000); Tinker Field Research Grant to support summer travel expenses related to field research in Latin America or Iberia ($2,000).

Summer Research Awards of the College of Arts and Science

  • are offered to accelerate progress towards scholarly publications (up to $2,000).