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Bushra Hamad



Senior Lecturer, Arabic Languages and Literatures

Contact Information

Phone: (615) 936-7275


Ph.D. in Arabic Language,
Literature and Culture,
University of Texas, Austin, 1992.

M.A. in Middle Eastern/African History, University of Texas, Austin, 1986.

Curriculum Vita

Dr. Hamad's areas of expertise include all levels of modern and classical Arabic, poetry (classical and modern), culture, and Arabic diglossia and pedagogy. His research interests include Modern & Classical Arabic literature, Islamic thought and civilization, regional dialects and their relevance to classroom instructions, and Arabic historical mathematics. His teaching competence includes the rise of Islam, the establishment of the Ottomans empire in the Middle East and its dismemberment by colonial powers, and contemporary cultures and politics of the Arab world. He also has strong interests in the history of Islam in Sub-Sahara Africa, the advent of colonialism and the transition of modern African States. He is currently working on the development of audiovisual materials for high levels of Arabic language.



    Faisal Devji, 13 April 2016
    R. Govindrajan, 07 April 2016
    James Fitzgerald, 28 March 2016
    Brian Larkin, 16 March 2016   
    Moses Ochonu, 02 March 2016
    Anand Taneja, 25 Feb 2016
    Naveeda Khan, 03 Feb 2016
    Juan Cole, 27 Jan 2016


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    Katarina Turpeinen
M. Issam Eido
    Alexis S. Wells

    Alex Dubilet