April 30, 2012 Endowed campus beautification fund allows major art acquisition Vanderbilt University has acquired a signature piece of art created by renowned American sculptor Mark di Suvero. The piece, Tumbleweed, was installed April 30 on the lawn between the Student Life Center and the E. Bronson Ingram Studio Arts building at the corner of 25th and Garland avenues.   Read More »

April 20, 2012 Colin Dayan named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences Colin Dayan, the Robert Penn Warren Professor in the Humanities at Vanderbilt University, has been named to a distinguished class of leaders from academia, business, public affairs, humanities and the arts, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences announced April 17.   Read More »
Stahl named recipient of prestigious Hamblet art award Vanderbilt's Department of Art has announced this year's recipient of the prestigious Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet Award. Hannah Stahl, the daughter of Mary Jane Sorentino and Jim Stahl of Providence, R.I., will receive a $25,000 prize, allowing her a year of art research and travel culminating in a solo show at Vanderbilt in one year.   Read More »

April 13, 2012 Are Elections Too Much Like Musical Chairs? If the last 15 presidential elections are a reliable guide, income growth between now and Nov. 6 will matter more to voters than how the economy has fared through President Obama's first 39 months in the White House, writes Larry Bartels, professor of political science, for the newspaper's campaign blog.   Read More »

April 5, 2012 Vanderbilt students named Truman, Goldwater and Udall scholars Emma Steigerwald, a member of the Class of 2013, has been named a 2012 Truman Scholar. Steigerwald studies molecular and cellular biology as a Cornelius Vanderbilt Honors Scholar. Internships in wildlife rehabilitation, speciation genetics and population ecology inspired her dedication to species conservation.   Read More »
Yunus challenges students to seek social change, not money Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus challenged Vanderbilt students to create businesses in which helping people - not making a profit - is the ultimate goal. Yunus spoke to several student groups and alumni during a visit to campus April 2.   Read More »

March 29, 2012 Department of Art's Senior Show 2012 opens April 13 with reception, awards Senior Show 2012 will be on display to the public from April 13 to May 11 in Space 204, the second-floor gallery in the E. Bronson Ingram Studio Art Center, located at 25th and Garland avenues on the Vanderbilt campus.   Read More »
Debate team ends year on high note The Vanderbilt debate team ended its year with some notable victories. At the 2012 American Debate Association (ADA) National Championship, the team of sophomore Saad Rehman and first-year student Xin (Malia) Zhan took home the championship in the JV Division, with Rehman also taking the Top Speaker Award in that division.   Read More »

March 20, 2012 Apocalypse Now? Modern Maya and Ancient Prophecies Watch video of Mareike Sattler, senior lecturer, Anthropology Department, and Avery Dickins de Giron, assistant director of the Center for Latin American Studies, speaking at the Osher Lifelong Learning class, "Apocalypse Now? Modern Maya and Ancient Prophecies".   Read More »

March 15, 2012 The Other Glass Ceiling Since the election of Barack Obama, the nation's first African American president, there has been no great flowering of black political life, no renaissance in black political leadership. Research by Bruce Oppenheimer, professor of political science, and graduate students Jennifer Selin and Gbemende Johnson has identified several major obstacles for black House members, including a tendency to represent larger states with more competition for seats, and more liberal voting records that do not attract moderate or independent voters.   Read More »

March 8, 2012 Fourth annual Undergraduate Writing Symposium March 25 Creativity and the written word will be celebrated at Vanderbilt's fourth annual Undergraduate Writing Symposium. The event will be held from 2 to 7 p.m. Sunday, March 25, at The Commons Center.   Read More »
Sociologist Laura Carpenter examines the evolution of intimacy over the lifespan Did you know that sexually transmitted infections are on the rise in retirement homes? How about that some gay men who get the right to marry are apparently more likely to indulge in affairs, with the knowledge and consent of their partners? This is the kind of thing that fascinates Laura Carpenter, an associate professor of sociology and Vanderbilt's resident "sexpert."   Read More »

March 2, 2012 Nashville Scene: March's Artist of the Month: Mark Hosford Mark Hosford, associate professor of art, is profiled for the paper's "Artist of the Month" piece.   Read More »

March 1, 2012 Nashville Scene: The Artist: Vesna Pavlovic Photographer Vesna Pavlovic, assistant professor of art, is profiled for the paper's annual "People" issue.   Read More »

February 29, 2012 New mosquito repellant could be frightening... for the mosquitoes! Laurence Zwiebel, professor of biological sciences, and his team have discovered the scent that attracts malaria-bearing mosquitoes to humans. The discovery could lead to a scent-based repellant that drives the disease-bearing pests away.   Read More »

February 23, 2012 Symposium explores ties between sustainability and creative writing Poets Alison Hawthorne Deming and John Lane will lead a many-sided conversation on sustainability as applied to creative writing Thursday, Feb. 23, at Vanderbilt University's Buttrick Hall.   Read More »
Geology walk with Mayor Dean and Molly Miller draws crowd Clouds and temperatures in the 50s on a Saturday afternoon were the perfect backdrop for a delightful geology walk with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean Feb. 18 at Percy Warner Park. Molly Miller, professor of earth and environmental sciences at Vanderbilt, accompanied by Anne Choquette, a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, led more than 200 people of all ages and some pets on the two-mile walk along the Mossy Ridge Trail.   Read More »

February 21, 2012 Could the Milky Way's 'phantom black holes' pose a danger to our solar system? If the latest simulation of what happens when black holes merge is correct, there could be hundreds of rogue black holes, each weighing several thousand times the mass of the sun, roaming around the Milky Way galaxy undetected. Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, is quoted.   Read More »

February 16, 2012 Vanderbilt philosophy department launches new lecture series Vanderbilt philosophy department launches new lecture series. 'Living the good life' is theme of public talks.   Read More »

February 9, 2012 Sculpture from fine arts collection to be featured at Guggenheim A sculpture from the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery collection will be included in upcoming Guggenheim exhibitions in New York and Spain.   Read More »
Physics professor John Daniel documented an early discovery involving X-rays Following German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen's discovery of X-rays in late 1895, scientists around the world began experimenting with the new technology. Among them was Vanderbilt physics professor John Daniel, who built his own X-ray device using an induction coil and Crookes tube.   Read More »

February 6, 2012 Black Migration Symposium set for Feb. 10-11 Vanderbilt and Fisk universities will co-host the Black Migration Symposium Feb. 10-11 on both university campuses.   Read More »

February 1, 2012 The American Prospect: Where Indiana goes, so goes the nation Right-to work, which prohibits mandatory union membership in the private sector and deals a crippling blow to the state's unions, will likely soon become law in Indiana. After more than a year of fighting, the Indiana House passed the bill last week, and the state Senate is poised to pass it Feb. 1 and send it immediately to Gov. Mitch Daniels. Gary Gerstle, James Stahlman Professor of History, is quoted.   Read More »

January 30, 2012 Join environmental sciences professor and Mayor Dean on geology walk Feb. 4 Earth and environmental sciences professor Molly Miller and Anne Choquette, a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, will lead a one-mile walk through Percy Warner Park's Mossy Ridge Trail beginning at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4. Mayor Karl Dean will join the walk.   Read More »

January 13, 2012 Beloved hymns carried King through troubled times As the nation pauses Monday to mark the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, those who knew him say hymns, spirituals and other religious songs helped carry him through troubled times. Lewis Baldwin, professor of religious studies, is quoted.   Read More »

January 12, 2012 Mars-sized planet orbits red dwarf star A rocky planet just 0.57 times the radius of Earth - a little larger than the planet Mars - has been found orbiting a red dwarf star along with two other smaller-than-Earth companions. Keivan Stassun, professor of astronomy and member of the team that discovered the planets, is quoted.   Read More »

January 10, 2012 'The Arts of Japan' opens Jan. 12 at Fine Arts Gallery The Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of The Arts of Japan. The exhibit is drawn from the 1,300 exquisite Japanese works in the Fine Arts Gallery's permanent collection.   Read More »

January 5, 2012 Pivotal Year for Physics, Say Vanderbilt Experts Vanderbilt scientists are part of an international group whose experiments this year could make or break decades of study. Experts in Nashville say the results could cement long-held theories of physics, or turn much of the discipline on its head.   Read More »

December 16, 2011 One nation overdrawn In the frantic race to save the euro, many Europeans have sought inspiration from the United States, perhaps the most successful monetary union in history. To European federalists, America demonstrates that monetary union cannot survive without fiscal union. Look more carefully, however, and the American example is more complicated. Fiscal and currency union did indeed kick-start America's early economic development, but were not robust enough to contribute to nation-building. Peter Rousseau, professor of economics, is quoted.   Read More »

December 15, 2011 Vanderbilt sets record for number of new AAAS fellows Fourteen members of Vanderbilt University's faculty have been elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) this year. This is the largest number of Vanderbilt fellows to be elected in a single year on record.   Read More »

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