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The Russian Undergraduate Program

Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg 

Vanderbilt's Russian Program is committed to developing proficiency in both language and culture in order to optimally prepare students to use their expertise in Russian for the 21st century job market.

Along with courses on classic writers such as Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Vladimir Nabokov, the program offers broadly interdisciplinary courses such as "Russian Fairy Tales," “Russian Cinema,” “Stories of Siberia,” “Russian Science Fiction,” “Russian Crime Fiction,” “Russia at War” and “The Russian Avant-Garde.”

Both the major and minor in Russian are designed to be extremely flexible. Alongside study of Russian language and culture, students may choose to focus their degree on fields such as history, political science and economics as they pertain to the Russian context.

Students have several possibilities for studying abroad in Russia, including summer-, semester- and year-long programs in Moscow and St. Petersburg (where they have the option of studying history, politics, economics and/or culture alongside the Russian language), as well as the popular Maymester service program in Vladimir.

In order to further develop their language skills while on the Vanderbilt campus, students may choose to live in the Russian hall at the McTyeire International House, where they can practice Russian in everyday situations with an international group of undergraduate and graduate students from many disciplines.